Rory and Fel's Perfect Cherry

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  1. I'd agree with Katori, so you can make it an edit link and we can all throw in ideas for creatures.
  2. @Spectre of the Fade Agh! Good thing you pointed it out! Looks like I missed it, but it sounds awesome! Gives a way for our characters to interact essentially.
  3. I think I am good. I really only edit my posts for aesthetic reasons (like if I spell a word wrong) or if I don't describe something good. I don't know why I would want to edit anyone elses stuff haha it seems complicated
  4. Your creator has stripped you of your moderator rights...
  5. We almost lost you there. How's your sense for evil?
  6. Once I get some stuff planned out, I need to PM you about some future plans for your character. Then you should get to run amok
  7. We shall have a grand comic full of lulz and stuff.
  8. ^_^ Hmm...decided against taking a nap. Probably will go to bed early though. But I a hour or two.
  9. Try not to intervene in Raghnall x Henrietta for a moment, please. Our post will be done shortly I believe.
  10. Just a heads up everyone, I will be posting a GM post tomorrow night!
  11. Kunari hold his hand tightly.
  12. "I don't know."
  13. Finishing today, promise. :D Working on the fourth panel out of nine, but the rest are small panels.
  14. *Celebrates*
  15. Sorry it's taking so long. I've decided to work like Fred Galagher and do each frame on one piece and put them together on the computer. Until my computer gets back from HP you'll get one frame after the next
  16. *Whimpers and whines*
  17. Hey TEEEKAAY. The cover is going up as soon as it loads in my submit deviations page.
  18. *Squeals and tackles Fel*