Rory and Fel's Perfect Cherry

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  1. The time has come, my friends, to put something that is the lulzie kind of srs business comic. Mayhap we flop - obviously Tuxedo Mask is a tough foe - but we've got something to give, and we're giving it.

    I'm thinking if I can get a hold of RORY and get a dialogue mocked up, we should have episode one within the next few weeks.

    Also, I know this thread is premature, but I feel you needed to know that I'm finally committing to something!
  4. 0.0

    *Heart breaks with love*
  5. We shall have a grand comic full of lulz and stuff.
  6. *Drools* I WANT IT!
  8. Sorry it isn't up yet. Had some technical difficulties, aka a lack of sleep, i have tomorrow night off though so it should be up in the next 24 hours. Promise.
  9. If not TK will have his head on a platter.
  10. I'm looking forward to reading you and Rory's work Fel!!
  11. Finishing today, promise. :D Working on the fourth panel out of nine, but the rest are small panels.
  12. *Celebrates*
  13. Sorry it's taking so long. I've decided to work like Fred Galagher and do each frame on one piece and put them together on the computer. Until my computer gets back from HP you'll get one frame after the next
  14. *Whimpers and whines*
  15. "She was quiet and we often talk about things..."
  16. As they entered their ride and sat down Reia started to think on how she could be useful. Right now from what she can see shes...probably not entirely useful. Shes an orphan girl who pretty much lied about her age to join up, shes still moderately sure that her official records say shes 20 not 18, she's only recently gotten out of basic training when everyone else here looked to have been in this for a while. So really how could she be useful?
    She could...carry extra ammo for everyone? She thought as her eyes fell on everyones weapons. That would make her useful. Well maybe not carrying around the ammo for the massive guns the big breasted woman was carrying, those looked heavy, but the clips that were fairly standard. She could carry around more of those.

    She saw another girl, during introduction she said Nohinel right? Anyway she seemed to be hyperventilating? Or maybe that was her normal breathing..." names Reia~" She figured talking would help take her mind off how she could make herself more useful.