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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Blossoming_Flower, Dec 12, 2014.

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  1. {I sincerely hope I am doing this correctly.}

    I did as a matter of fact come up with a plot. Would anyone be interested in joining should I make the roleplay?
    The plot is below.

    There was no way to know it would happened. A kid invited five of his friends over for a school project. They had to do a report on antiques and his family had just the thing; an old mirror in the attic, dusty and untouched. Now, the agreement was the kids could use the mirror if they cleaned it off for once. Had they just walked away and found something else to do their report on, this story would not be told. But they did agree, and as fate may have it, as they cleaned off the mirror someone rubbed the top of the mirror that had five small jewels on it and a larger one in the center. The boy was unaware of what he had done, and no one knew anything was wrong until it was to late. The children, the jewels, and the mirror had been scattered across the land of Rorrim. The worse part was, their parents never knew they were gone. For their other selves, the ones who was originally stuck inside the mirror had now switched places.........


    The land of Rorrim. A beautiful place, though confusing to those not originally from it. Despite the world coming from a mirror, it is not completely opposite from Earth. Many things extinct or fictional on the other side is true here. Dinosaurs roam certain places, and dragons are not as fake as they were thought to be. Basic things are the same though, including gravity, cities, and weather. People who live in Rorrim are free to do as they wish. Of course, most people there have a Earth counterpart. If that counterpart was to look in the mirror the person in Rorrim will be forced to copy them. Such is the curse of those in Rorrim with Earth counterparts. In Rorrim there are rarely normal people, most having powers. They cannot escape out of Rorrim despite those powers unless their counterpart from the other side were to step into Rorrim, in which they would be instantly transported to Earth. The same way they switch places they also switch abilities. For example if your earth counterpart was good at running, and you could manipulate light, your abilities would switch upon transport. Memories are not switched though, so the transported would have to adjust to their new, and possibly permanent world.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.