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  1. Hello fellow iwaku rpers!

    'm whisper and I am in need of a partner play the following plot with me:

    New York, a tough cruel place that makes people grow up and thicken their skin. She (my character) lived with her mother all her life and is now entering college as a fashion major and a minor in business and administration. He (your character) is a business owner/CEO and had lived with his father all his life. When the two cross one another's path it's due to their single parents deciding to marry. The two are against it feeling some sort of animosity towards one another making assumptions upon one another. Their parents ignore their protests and somehow get the two to live together in his apartment.


    1. Someone who is willing to play a dominate role.
    2. Someone willing to write a paragraph or two
    3. Someone who will share their ideas and try to contribute on elaborating more on the plot to demonstrate some of their creativity.
    4. Someone who understand I won't be able to be online often until next week and is willing to be patient.
    5. Someone who's grammar is up to par. and will not talk as if they were texting. (Example: he said, "txt meh l8r" and she replied, "lik tots")
    6. Someone who won't control my character.

    If you can follow these conditions then please send me a


    Thank You!!!!!!
  2. This sounds like an interesting roleplay, and I think I'd be interested in playing the male role.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.