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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Jealous, Jan 14, 2015.

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  1. For Cbat & Jealous

    This was it - the moment of truth. At any moment her world could go up into flames. But two years Allison had played it safe. For two years she had spent her time at home, caring for her mother. It was only in the last six months that things had begun to change. She had begun to dream of returning to school. The idea scared her - for she had dropped out of school so many years ago. Yet the idea continued to beckon to her. Eventually, she came to the conclusion that the idea was not her own. If she was to live her life for her brother, she'd have to attend school for his sake. With the support of her mother, she searched for nearby schools and one of them happened to accept.

    To fulfill his dream, she was here now. Combing her fingers through short auburn hair, Allie stared up at the grey house before her. It was a block away from campus - which made it an ideal location. Additionally it was only a 3 hour drive home - far enough to give her freedom but close enough to allow her to return to her mother if the need arose. Not only that, but the house seemed like her safest bet in terms of housing options. It was not tied to the politics of the university, and it provided her with the privacy she would need.

    Looking to the left, she stared down the street. How long had she been sitting outside? Far too long. Yet, the words of her old friend still lingered in her head. For the last month she had stayed with an old friend. It had been the most pleasant of times. Trying to test out her new life while clashing with her old and proven that it was a good idea to attend school at a different university - far from old friends.

    "Come visit us soon okay? Not as him, but as you."

    Such was the problem that shadowed her new life. While she occasionally wished that she could return to being Allison, she could not. The truth was that she had given up that identity, and gender, two years ago. Allison only existed behind closed doors and in her mind. To the world, she was Kevin. And that's what mattered. The life she lived was not her own. And not many people understood that.

    Standing up, she stretched her arms above her head and turned around. Her fingers hooked under the handles of the blue storage bin as she carried the last of her belongings into the house.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.