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  1. You are sent to a boarding school. On the outside, it seems like a regular school, but on the inside, it is full of some students who are not human, and some that are. When you walk in, you figure out you've been paired with a person of another race!
    You go to find a dorm and figure out all the spots are taken! The only spots left are in a co-ed dorm close to the school, called the Neko dorm. Now you and your partner are not only working together, you are living under the same roof! What will unfold as you just try to survive school.

    This is an interest check, need 5 others to start.
  2. Sounds good. . . :D
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  3. Sounds interesting, I'm up for it ^^ (first one to call out a vampire spot xD)
  4. Interest! Would totally RP this
  5. Omg yus i want in please lol (i wanna be a teenage evolved Fankenstein.)
  6. Alright! I need some people to be humans though so not everyone can be something different.
  7. Question~! Can we only have one character in this RP because I'm up for making one human chara ^^
  8. I'd happily RP as the human! Hopefully someone else does too .... if no one else makes a human, I'd also volunteer to make two human characters. :)
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  9. I will permit two characters, but unless there is to many of one side, one must be human and the other must be another species.
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  10. Interested :) ♥
  11. Ah alright thanks~ If a human is needed I can make one as my second character, just let me know ;p
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  12. Well I got enough. I will start this sometime, eventually
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  15. Can i join too? I'd like to be a human
  16. YAY! Ok, one character per person now because we have a lot.
  17. I'd like to be in as well as a human. Is Yuri accepted in this rp?
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  18. I believe so, though nothing smutty in my rp. And, not sure how others would fair with it, but no romance between your own characters.
  19. of course. I normally fade to black anyways.
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