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  1. Lola had bad luck. Terrible luck. From totaling her car to falling her college english term paper to being left at the altar. But at age 22, being kidnapped by a demon was the lowest point in her life.
    She tried to use magic to get out of her chains but they were enchanted with witchfire and that only succeeded in getting her some lovely burns.
    " Let me go! Someone will be looking for me and I swear they kill you. Painfully." She growled spitting in the demon's eye. That only got her a lovely backhand that sent her flying into the cave wall. Her head cracked on the stone wall and she saw stars. Blood tricked down her face.
    " Please. You are coven-less,friendless,and now magic-less. " He growled.
    " Yeah that's what you think! Sorry, I have always wanted to say that." Lola got a confused look from the demon and smirked,concentrating. She watched in delight as the demon screamed in agony.
    She took off running ,but the demon caught her by her hair and threw into the wall
    " Did you honestly think you could stop me?" He asked,his hand wrapped around her throat strangling her.
    Using the last bit of strength she had,she called out telepathically the Cry of the Ancient Ones. Any creature in the area would hear it and come running.
    She hoped.
    Cordelia finished the call as everything went black around her.
  2. Skylar, better yet known as Sky was hunting in the forest nearby when he heard the witch's cries.
    Stopping his hunt he went to go help her.
    Upon his arrival he saw the demon who captured her.
    "Leave her alone, she's no use to you."
    Using his vampiric powers he defeated the demon and soon vanished into thin air.
    Running over to her, "Are you okay, my dear? I heard the Cry of the Ancient Ones. Let's get you to safety" picking her up gently he carried back to his place.
    Dylan saw his brother return quite quickly; "What happened?", he said meeting him halfway in the yard.
    "I was hunting and I heard the Cry of the Ancient Ones, a witch of such power would know such a spell. She's staying here for as long as she needs to."
    "No "buts" Dylan, she's my responsibility now. Our parents will understand."
  3. Lola was more than happy to see the Calvary arrive and it was a surprise to see a vampire.
    " I'm awesome. You should see the other guy." She muttered cheekily trying to stay conscious. Lola let out a yelp of pain when he scooped her into his arms
    " Thank you for saving me. I honestly didn't think anyone was coming." She said struggling to keep her eyes opened. That last blow to her head left her ears ringing,her ribs aching,and she couldn't move her left leg.
    She gave into the darkness as the two men began to argue.
  4. "I never expected to hear the Cry."
    Dylan gave in to his brother and let him pass.
    "Don't worry nothing's changed between us" kissing his brother's cheek before heading up the stairs.
    He laid her down on the bed and gave her some of his blood that was bottled.
    Placing it to her lips, he waited for her to take a few sips.
  5. Lola looked at the bottle and shook her head weakly. " I can't drink your blood. That's too much, far too kind . Please,let me rest for a few minutes and I will be out of your way. She struggled to her feet and almost fell off the bed. She painfully removed her shoe to see her left ankle swollen up to the side of the ballon
    " I'm Lola. Lola Harrison."She said,smiling.
  6. "You must it would help you heal. You are way too hurt, your head is cut and ankle is broken." catching her as she fell back down and laying her back down. "you are not going anywhere. I'm Skylar Grey" smiling at her.
  7. Lola let Skylar help her back into bed and sipped the blood. It was like honey and she instantly started to feel better. The cut on her head disappeared and the rest of her body felt a little less like she had been run over by a truck. She didn't want to impose on Skylar and his brother. She checked her shoulder to see that the scratch from the demon was still there and had gotten a little bit bloodier. She felt hot and freezing at the same time and was sweating. Why on earth was it so cold in here ? Lola wondered.
    Lola was in no shape to go anywhere anytime soon.
    " So how long have you lived here? I hope your brother isn't too upset at my staying here." She asked,trying to get comfortable.
  8. She wasn't imposing at all, she was safe here.
    "Several years, my mom married Dylan's father." He didn't want to give her the entire run down of his life.
    The reason why it's so cold is because he always had the balcony door open and enjoyed the cool air.
    "Don't worry about my brother, he's always very cautious, I mean I guess you could say we have a bond, a really strong bond. Is there anything else you need before I talk to my brother and sort the situation out."
  9. Lola listened to Skylar's short explaination. She could tell there was more to the sstory and abit more to their bond then just family relations. But she was a stranger in their home and they were kind enough to take her in. She was non judgemental and respectful person even when others of her clan were prejudice against vampires.
    She looked back at the scratch on her shoulder. It still wasn't healing. Weird.
    " Maybe just a blanket please. But,thank you for your kindness." She said,shivering.
    She wondered how long she could stay here before it became too dangerous.
    Lola knew she was safe from Skylar,he wasn't dangerous.
    But something in the area was hunting witches, hunting her.
    She didn't want Skylar and Dylan in the middle of it all.
    But Lola couldn't tell him.
    Not yet.
  10. "Of course, Lola." walking over to the couch and gently wrapped it around her. "Better?" he asked with a smile. "Is there something I should know about, incase of danger or something trying to hunt you. You are my responsibility now and I promise to take care of you." He couldn't resist not being involved after all he saved her.
  11. " Thank you. Much better. She said, smiling weakly. Ths shivering subsided and Lola was finally able to relax enough to get comfortable. But Skylar's question made her freeze.
    How did he know that?
    " No. The demon just got to me that's all. I've never seen one that strong before. It scratched me. So tell me about your brother? She said trying desperately to change the subject.
  12. "My brother is not something we should talk about. You get some rest I'll be back shortly." heading towards the door and looking back at her.
    On his way to the kitchen he ran into his brother, "Where are you going?"
    "Just to the kitchen. Why?"
    "Oh nothing, I was hoping we could go for a run or something."
    "Sure, but let me grab a bite to eat and then we'll go."
  13. Lola lied back as carefully as she could and closed her eyes,drifting off to sleep.
    Sleep that soon turned to nightmares.
    There she was, In the middle of a clearing,surrounded by hooded figures, holding torches. She bowed to them,and they to her.

    What does any of this mean?

    Is this dream my purgatory? she thought
    The dream continued as the hooded figures gently pushed her into a kneeling position and produced two daggers. Before she could protest, they proceeded to cut two crescent moons into each of her forearms.
    Lola woke up,startled and shivering, sweat dripping down her face.
    What the hell was happening to her?
    Deliriously she attempted to get out bed,scared out of her wits.
  14. He sensed her fear and ran up stairs.
    Barging in to his room he saw her holding herself.
    "What's wrong?" moving over to her to comfort her.
    He brush the hair out of her face and kissed her cheek lightly.
    "You're safe here, no one will harm you."
  15. Lola looked up when Skylar burst through the door.
    " Demon... he did something, they did something. they cut into my arms!" She weakly pushed up her sleeves to see nothing there.
    " It was there.. I swear..." She said trying to convince herself more than Skylar. She let herself be weak for once,as he kissed her cheek and consoled her. She clung to Skylar,a man she just met,and tried to calm her breathing.
    " I guess it was a dream." Lola said,and noticing her teeth were chattering, she reached for the blanket and pulled it over herself. Two seconds later, she felt like she was roasting. Lola felt hot,and not the usual heat her internal witchflame gave off.
    This felt poison.
    Lola could no longer support her own body weight and dizzily slipped out of Skylar' s embrace to lie back on the bed. She looked back at where the demon scratched her and it was much worse than she thought.
    " Skylar, I think the demon's scratch is much worse than I thought. " Lola said,as pain spread from her shoulder causing her to cry out.
    " I know I can't ask this off you, but I'm scared. I think I might need more blood." She muttered as her eyes struggled to stay open.
    She had to focus.
    " I'm sorry to be such a terrible house guest." Lola tried to laugh but it came out as a grimace.
  16. "It probably was a dream." moving in closer to her.
    "If you need more blood, I'm willing to give it to you, it's better off if I just to give it you using my wrist."
    Extending his fangs he bit into it and offered it to her.
    "Drink before the wound closes. And you are quite wonderful to have around. If you want I can take you shopping for some clothes."
  17. A little reluctantly, Lola drank from his wrist.She started to feel less feverish and the demon scratch became smaller. Clearly, she was going to have to stay here for long to heal properly. Lola wriggled back into Skylar's embrace,starting to feel more and more comfortable around him.
    " It felt so real though... I don't know. Thank you, I have never met someone so kind in well, a long time. I would love to go shopping after I rest a bit. Would you stay here please? Just for a little while until I fall asleep?" Lola asked,feeling stupid for asking such a childish question.
  18. Pulling his wrist away from to let his own wound heal.
    "Of course, I'll stay. You can lay my bed if you wish and I could start a fire and close the balcony doors to keep the warm. Once you're asleep I might go for a run with my brother and then when I return we could go shopping." tucking her in. "Better?" he said climbing in next to her.
    "It's no big deal, I just hope that I don't get in trouble. I guess I'm a trouble maker" placing his arm around her waist.
  19. Lola let Skylar tuck her in,and she fell into a dreamless sleep with Skylar at her side.
    For the first time in a while, she felt safe.
  20. Once she was asleep, he left the room and went for a run with Dylan.
    "Dylan, she needs a place to stay, something is probably looking for her and I think she's safer here. I gave her some of my blood, I'm not sure what will happen."
    "Fine, just be careful please."
    "I will. I promise and this doesn't change anything between us."
    They were gone for about a 2 hours before they returned home.
    Sky went upstairs to check on Lola.