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Roommates and Romance.

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by MiNaGi, Mar 19, 2014.

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  1. Getting into all kinds of special schools, Angel had always been referred to as a "natural talent", but in the end she hated that term. Sure, she might have some sort of talent, but why tell her that she was like that when it was only her skills and practicing of these skills that made a difference? Angel had gotten into college for two different things, counting as her majors; music and singing, as well as sword-fighting. She had won duel after duel, even against the male teams, and she was a pretty renowned fighter, and people were trying to scout her for her teams. She didn't know what she wanted to spend her life on, so she was practicing basically everything she was good at, which was her singing, and her incredible handling of a sword.

    She didn't like the term of "fitting in" and ended up dressing completely different when she became older. Her favorite outfits became outfits that made her look exactly like a guy. It was hoodies and button shirts, long jeans and then her short hair. Most think that she's a boy, also judging from her name. It didn't annoy her but she didn't approve of it either. She just went with the flow, so to speak. When she had gotten into college, she had gotten a roommate. It wasn't that she didn't like this roommate, but for some reason, they didn't get along at all. They were just too different to even be friends, and in the end, they pretended they hated each other instead. A bit strange, but she didn't think too hard about it. She didn't want to make life worse for herself, after all. Then she'd rather be on bad terms with her roommate, than trying to make friends with someone who obviously hated her with a passion, partly because of her appearance. (or so Angel had guessed, anyways)

    It was morning, and as usual, Angel was up first and had showered, dressed and packed her things when her roommate woke up. Before Irene could even manage to talk to her, she was out of the door and walked towards the training area with her katana in a strap over her right shoulder. When she got there, she walked into the gym hall to shield herself from the powerful wind, her pink hair a mess as she finally got inside. She took off her hoodie so she was only in a black tanktop and a pair of grey cargo pants. The clothes made her pale skin and flat chest stand out, and the scars on her arms made her seem like a wounded warrior. She had gotten those wounds from fights before in time, and she was filled with scars. But they didn't hurt anymore, of course. Angel took out some of the dummies and began cutting after them, her movements swift and her body moving with an agility likely to that of a cat's. The "cat" image was strenghtened upon seeing her hazel eyes that most of all seemed yellow, yellow like a cat's eyes.
  2. Irene had woken up second, as usual. She actually preferred it. When Angel left first, the mornings were just that much quieter. It wasn't really that she didn't like the other girl... they just had vastly different interests and stances on things. It made conversation difficult and she always ended up saying the wrong thing. It often made her come off a bitch, not that she really cared what others thought. She came to this school for her work, not to make friends. Her artwork kept her up late at night, often causing her to pull all nighters to get a project finished.

    Irene yawned as she entered the kitchen, clicking on the coffee pot and popping some bread into the toaster. She then went to fridge to fetch out the jam she liked to eat on her toast, finding it all but empty in the fridge. Again. "Ugh! She could at least replace it or throw it away!" This morning was getting better and better, and her project was due for her advanced class later this evening. She was going to have to miss her morning classes to finish it. This was already turning into just a wonderful day. The only thing saving it from being awful was that Angel had already left, so at least she was spared the argument the jam would have caused.
  3. It was more quiet if she woke up first. That way, she wouldn't have to face Irene or talk to her. Because, of course you talked when you were roommates. Angel's side of the room was always clean and nice and she never left behind things such as trash or clothes on the floor. It looked much like a hospital clinic looking at her unpersonal room with no pictures, and everything stuffed away into the drawers or put nicely lined up on the tables. Of course, no one could know that she'd spent a lot of her life in a hospital bed. It didn't seem to her like something others needed to know about, they'd just pity her.

    The strange thing was that there was no way it could be Angel - because she never ate when she was in the room, and she despised jam with a passion. That was what made the arguments more annoying. Mostly because she didn't feel like saying that she didn't eat breakfast and that ended up with Irene thinking she was lying. She wondered what was going on if it wasn't her, was Irene just doing it on her own to be able to have an argument with Angel? It seemed a bit unrealistic... maybe she just forgot that she had been the one to empty it, it was just after waking up after all. But she was just there in the gym, practicing with grace and ease as she cut up the dummies expertly.
Thread Status:
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