Roommate Wanted: must be clean, quiet, and mind your own business

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    Quirky slice of life sorta theme.

    You're trying out this whole independent adult thing, or maybe your parents kicked you out, or you just fell on hard times. Whatever the reason, you find yourself in need of a temporary home and someone to split the rent. The search turned up a peculiar want ad but you figure folding your laundry for the sake of a place to live isn't so bad.

    But the first time you meet your new roommate, you fear you've just made a grave mistake. He's odd and rather standoffish, and his weird living habits either grind your nerves or just creep you out. And sometimes he's just plain rude. However, after some internal debate coupled with lack of a better option, you decide to suck up your feelings and deal with it because it's only temporary, right?


    So this is an idea I had in passing and I thought it could be really fun, has room for a lot of variety. First let's set a few general and possibly subjective guidelines:

    • You have complete freedom in creating your own character; male or female, any age and background, totes up to you

    • The apartment is a two-bedroom, one bathroom, livingroom and separate kitchen/dining room. Not fancy or too expensive, maybe a bit confining at times

    • If romance develops that's okay, just keep in mind I'm only comfortable RPing heterosexual relationships, and even if you choose to play a female that doesn't mean it will automatically be romantic (think in terms of The New Girl), other than that I don't care what your character's sexuality is (remember the thing I said about creative freedom)

    • The location could be anywhere or it could be in a made up city, but wherever it is I expect you to contribute to the setting and environment to keep everything alive and intsresting. World-building is desirable

    • Post length doesn't much matter to me, but your ability and content do. I only ask that your posts are able to properly portray your character and move the story along as well as contribute to the setting, and for me at least a good three paragraphs is usually sufficient. Quality over quantity

    • I want someone who likes to plot and scheme, I won't do a one-sided RP. We'll each probably end up playing multiple characters (friends, family members, neighbors, coworkers etc.)

    • I don't mind language but don't be outright vulgar. Think of it as punctuation, an exclamation mark to emphasize! But not a million exclamation marks because that looks juevenile!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Keep an active OOC conversation going, because communication is important

    • I don't have a specific posting rate because my own ranges from multiple times a day to once a week. Life happens and I totally get it but try to give me a heads up if you're gonna be offline for an extended period of time

    If I think of anything else I guess I'll add it later.
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  2. I could do this.
  3. @PunkPrince Shoot me a PM with a little info on the character you had in mind.
  4. I would love to give it a try :)
  5. I've wanted to participate in a slice of life role play for a while now. If you haven’t started or are willing to role play this plot with multiple people, I’d be happy to create a character.
  6. I wouldn't mind talking plot, which is something I feel this is really lacking. I still like the idea, but I came up with it at 2 AM without really working out the details of how to keep the story moving forward. If you have anything to bring to the table as far as that goes, shoot me a PM.
  7. Refuge
    Earth has a twin. A second dimension with magic and fantastical creatures; and it's ending. With the last of the world's ambient magic, the greatest mages opened a gate to Earth, and begged sanctuary. The UN agreed, and the refugees were sheltered in consenting nations around the globe, and programs were set up to acclimatize the immigrants by enrolling some of them into housing with Earth citizens

    Dat plot merging doe?
    It'd have to be slow as molasses pace though O_O
  8. Not exactly what I had in mind haha. I do love sci-fi but in this instance it's not really what I'm looking for.
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  9. Hello. I have an idea, at least on my character's end. Two.

    Both around the whole 'mind your own business' bit at the end. What if they both have some kind of secret? Like, my idea was that my character was a college student by day but also freelanced as a singer in various underground clubs.

    *shrug* Or mine could be a criminal of some kind. Hacker or thief or con, who works at night and does... godknows what during the day.
  10. I know I'm not ready to RP yet... urrrgh... but this was exactly the type of (or close enough to the) concept I was thinking. A human/alien, alien/alien critter whatever situation where two quite dissimilar species end up roomies. Heh. Can't help thinking how fun that would be, with both the physical and cultural clashes that could happen.

    Aaand sorry for poking this thread potentially in the wrong place.
  11. I'm not currently looking for anyone else right now but thanks for the interest!
  12. Ah, pity.

    Btw I love that thing in your signature. Made me giggle.
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