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  1. I got myself paired up with a roommate for university residence today! We've chatted a little bit over the residence site's messaging feature, and I know some stuff from her profile, but it's still super exciting/nervous cause I've never lived with someone that I haven't known at least 7 years before!

    Tell me about your roomies! Did you know them before you moved in together? I wanna hear roommate horror stories and gold star stories, too!

    The last roommate I had who wasn't my ex had a cat that peed on my heated car seat cover.

    I still hate that cat.
  2. So, I'm 15 years old, so I can't go to college yet.

    I did however do a camp that was supposed to prepare you for college.

    My Roommate there, I swear to God was my cousin's clone. He looked exactly the same, spoke the same, and did everything the same. I knew it wasn't my cousin due to the different ages, and the name.

    It was still very eerie, because of that.

    It was cool. He was the coolest guy there, honestly.
  3. Lemme run you through some of the flatmates and hallmates I've had over the years (and that you may encounter in the future), and weigh their pros (+) and their cons (-) as we go along.

    • Hulking, rugby playing ubermensch you've found yourself in the same flat as. For some reason he finds your nerdiness endearing or something. (+)
    • He uses the word 'mate' in sentences more often than most people use 'and'. (-)
    • You'll get invited to a whole lot of awesome parties by proxy. (+)
    • These parties will be full of guys like him. (-)
    • Your kitchen will be perpetually occupied by the smell of chicken and eggs, which he cooks and eats round the clock. (-)
    • He's awake at ungodly hours in the morning because of training, and a bloke his size is not capable of being sneaky. (- - -)

    • You're not entirely sure if this flatmate actually exists, or if you're going all A Beautiful Mind. (-)
    • You've never actually seen the guy in recent memory. Sometimes you hear him, though: it's like sub-letting with a ghost. (-)
    • He keeps the place clean, and he doesn't throw loud parties or anything. (+)
    • He also only communicates through the form of passive-aggressive post-it notes. (-)

    • You're not entirely sure where you met this spawn of Dionysus. He's always up for a night out, though. (+)
    • For the first semester, his room will be the destination for a hall-party, largely because everyone knows they can trash it and the owner will give zero fucks. (+)
    • You're pretty certain you've never seen this guy fully sober. (+)
    • That's an early sign of alcoholism, right? (-)
    • By second semester, his room will be a toxic wasteland no-one wants to go near anymore and mounting coursework will mean you can't be going out nearly as much. This guy will still be acting like its Freshers Week. (-)
    • He wants you to join in. (- -)
    • He will show up at your door at ridiculous hours of the morning, trying to get you to neck a bottle of gin with him. (- - -)
    • Seriously, Mike, fuck off. It's 4AM and I have classes in a couple hours. (- - -)
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  4. Ahahah... hahahahah... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!
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  5. I have five roommates.


    And all of them pay the rent more consistently than I do.
  6. My first year at uni, my roommate was a Muslim. Which frightened everyone in my family. Every time I saw my late-grandmother she would be like, "Has she tried to convert you, yet? If so. Go with it or she'll kill you." Thanks, Grandmother.

    That being said, I loved my roomie. She was awesome and the sweetest thing. And made some of the best food, omg. We would lay in bed at night and just talk for hours and hours about life and philosophy. That year at uni sucked, but having her as my roommate was amazing and I look back on it fondly.
  7. My one and only roomie was a jerk. She didn't tell me she was having problems with me and went to the Floor coordinator people. Friggin jerk. She had problems but NEVER SAID ANYTHING then completely out of nowhere we end up in mediation! Thank god she left after first semester. Junior year I lived in an apartment. I didn't mind my apartment mates. Wished they'd talked to me a bit more but they weren't awful. I was more the invisible one than anything...though one did borrow my game and never returned it. ah well.
  8. My first roommate in university and I were incompatible. Not mean or rude or anythjng. We just did and liked different things, had different friends, had different world's and careers

    So his friend had the same issue with his roommate. So we swapped. My second roommate and I lived together for four years and got into many adventures and misadventures together!
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  9. I have three roommates: me, myself, and I.


    I still live at home. So I haven't had any roommates. lol.

  10. I never lived on campus 'cause like... money, but I've had a few roommates just out in the real world. My current one is a roommate/landlord and she's basically awesome. She rents me a room at 66% of what she normally rents it for because she's just a nice person and she doesn't mind that I'm a super quiet introvert who spends 97% of the time in the house in my room. She has two jobs and does theater, so she's always busy and running all over the place, which I don't mind since it gives me the place to myself (not that I really take super advantage of it, but it's pleasant).

    The last place I lived was terrible. It was rent-free, but there were ALWAYS people around (I lived with four other adults and a toddler who was a spoiled brat) and I had to share a bathroom with three of those adults, plus the toddler. I didn't have my own room so I mostly hung out in the living room, which didn't bode well with my introverted, privacy-needing nature. I lived there for maybe three or four years and I'm eternally grateful the owner of the house let me stay there, but it made me miserable. The situation I'm in now is far superior.

    I also currently live with two cats now, but neither of them pee anywhere other than the litter box, so this is acceptable.
  11. I've had a few roommates in my day. Never one I didn't know though. My first roommate when I moved out of my mom's was my best friend (we'd known each other for about 7 years at that point). We were living in this little bitty town, and the only house we could find for rent was a fully furnished 5 bed, 2.5 bath. 5 bedrooms. And we slept in the same room the entire time we rented there. The house was kinda freaky, to be honest. We moved to a few other places, and eventually found something smaller, and still she insisted on sleeping in my room. We had some amazing times, but other times I'm surprised we didn't strangle each other. We lived together off and on for about 2 years.

    I've had a roommate treat my like the maid. I had also known her for several years, by the way. I was even told once that since I expected the house clean I should be the one to do it. It wasn't something she cared one way or the other about, so she just wouldn't. I started throwing her stuff away. That arrangement ended badly, needless to say.

    I have a few more stories, but those were the ones that stuck out the most in my mind.
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