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  1. There once was a time where you lived in the outside world.
    You had a family, went to school, or worked, or maybe you begged on the street.
    Maybe you were an adventurer who went anywhere you wanted.
    But now you're here. You're part of our family now, whether you like it or not.
    You can't leave.
    We can't leave.
    In this house, this place of wonder, of friendship, of horror,
    Where you can stay and rot in your room or spend time with those around you
    Or run from IT
    Whatever you may do...
    You stay in the House.
    You have arrived. Maybe long ago, maybe just moments ago. But you are here to stay. Pick any room you want, there are enough free rooms. If you're hungry just go to the dining room, it's easy to find. Bored? Maybe the living room is the place for you. Many people gather there. If sociolizing is nothing for you then why not go explore for a bit, no one will stop you. This mansion, hotel or house, however you want to call it is your home now. Just like it is the home of many others. You better make your stay comfortable because you aren't moving out soon. Better yet, you will never leave.

    Oh, before you go running of on your adventure though. Watch out for other... less social "humans". They may attack you or just ignore you. They have been driven mad by the idea of getting out of here. And there's also THAT room. Don't go into room thirteen. IT dwells there. Well... Have fun exploring.

    -The normal Iwaku rules apply.
    -You may have up to three characters.
    -At least 6-8 lines per post.
    -Try to post at least once a week, inform me or post it when you will be gone for an extended time.
    - I would prefer decent grammar. But I can understand mistakes, since I also make them.
    -no mary/gary sue or godmodding or OP power or weapon
    -Define your race if it's not commonly used.
    -Please consult me if you encounter IT or your character is lost.
    The Mansion

    Every one of you arrived trough the main door, wich would lock behind you as soon as you closed it. The door you went through could have been like any other door. But you just felt a strange force pulling you towards it. Or you went through it on a whim. In any case, that would have been the last time you saw the world you knew. Not even the windows show you anything. Only clouds at day and stars at night.

    After you settle in from the schock of losing your old home you can occupy any room you want. You can do anything with it, it's yours. Just don't disturb the other residents if they decide to stay holed up in their room.

    Maybe you have already noticed but this building is like a huge mansion combined with a hotel. The east and west wing both have ten rooms. The center? That changes per floor. The main entrence, here, is on the first floor. The second floor has the main room or living room as some may call it. On the third floor recides the dining room, you can choose anything you want from the menu. Even if it's not on there.

    If you want to know what the other floors hold then you are welcome to explore. Maybe you will find the hidden treasure. Or even a way out. Do take note that no one has ever found the last floor. It's like this mansion is never ending, twisting and turning as you go on. Still dare to go on? You are also free to enter any room as long as it isn't occupied. It's easy to find out wich are in use. Just ask the other residents wich room they own. The first floor ends with number 20 and the second starts with 21.
    Aaaaah... You're curious about IT. I can't tell you much about it. IT resides in room 13 and it's best if you avoid that room entirely. None of the residents has ever seen IT clearly, but some say it's everywhere.... Watching. What it is, we have no idea. When it "sleeps" it's rather safe. Only the room is dangerous at that moment. According to witnesses it is filled with an unbreathable black mist. The mist burned the skin and eyes of the people who were brave enough to enter. However, sometimes we can hear it wander at night. Burning it's surroundings with a crackling sound. He travels in the same mist as in his room, only this time it's red like blood.

    Did I scare you with this story? It's true you must know. Better avoid that room unless you want to end up dead.
    Character sheet
    Name: (Nickname)
    (If it's original, give a short description.)
    Time in the House:
    (How long has your character lived here, if they are already there? Limit 75 years.)
    Room Number: (you can stay with someone else)
    Appearance: (Picture, or description works. If it's a picture, please credit it.)
    (Include how they got here, unless you're going to write that as your first post. If you want to keep some history secret to reveal in the RP, please add it here once it's been revealed.)

    My character (open)
    Name: Gina & Tina (The twin)

    Age: one of them is 23 the other... let's just say that twins have the same age.

    Gender: Both female

    Sexuality: Bi, if you can keep them apart and interested in you.

    Species: Shattered soul. Think of the pool of reincarnation as a big bowl of marbles and every marble is a soul. A shattered soul is a marble that fell out of the bowl and broke. The soul isn't able to start anew after reincarnating and it's split up when it's born.

    Powers/Abilities/Weapons: They are able to switch their soul halves possessing the other body. Their body change into their real appearance wich make them switch bodies completely. They often do this when talking to other people. They can talk with spirits but they keep the secrets they were told to themselves.

    Time in the House: 15 years

    Room Number: second floor room 22

    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Brown haired one is Gina the pale Black haired one is Tina. The colours are accurate, Tina is pale with brown eyes. They do have noses they just aren't really accented in this picture. They are both 1,70m (about 5ft & 6.5inch) tall and for a lustfull eye they are an object of desire. (Gina talk, Tina talk, Both talk.)

    Personalty: They grew up in seclusion with no one else to depend on but eachother. Growing up in the house severely changed their view on normality. They often don't understand it when you mention something from outside the house. They are secretive and in general considered typical horror movie twins, always calmly watching and lurking. They love to discover their paradise and often ask people if they have seen clues to new places. Music is their hobby since they can both enjoy it at the same time, often they ask the spirits about music box locations for their room. Sometimes they grab the stuff from old rooms owned by the spirits. You can Always invite them for a game, they also like to dance. They enjoy anything as long as they are together, being seperated is their fear. If you get to know them then you know that they are more different than you first thought.

    Gina is the silent type but she can talk a lot too, even if it isn't sounding really enthousiastic. She is reckless, likes to search the borders and most likely wants to cross them too. She will also grab any chance she has to flirt with someone. Most of the time she is interrupted by Tina when that happens. Anger isn't one of her strong points, she never is. She only smiles when she is near Tina. Gina likes to have more bright colours in her clothing style.

    Tina will do anything to have Gina for herself, most of the time that is no problem. She is selfish, emotional and has a bad temper. She doesn't like people and often keeps away from them. But if her big curiousity strikes then she will almost cling to them. Tina is the type who goes from one emotion to the other while often smiling. A pastel coloured garderobe is her style.

    Biography: When they were both eight they had different families, a shattered soul should and could not be mended. At one day when they were playing in their family houses they found a door. Neither of them had met the other before they entered the door to retrieve the lost feeling they missed. They had entered the house at the same time at the same place. Upon meeting they felt complete and never left eachothers side. They did everything together and never wanted to be seperated. Often you can find them wandering around the house, talking and whispering to themselves or the spirits and souls that never left the house. They themselves never want to leave the house, they didn't need their old family anymore, they had eachother. If they would get out then they have to be seperated wich would make both of them unhappy. The house is their paradise and they will make sure that their new family members and friends stay. Nothing will destroy it and no one will seperate them.

    Other: Like the bio said, if you try to escape then they will interfere.

    Accepted characters: (open)

    Eliana Leith - Shizuka
    Remilia and Romulus - Raiden
    Thomas Cleveland - Jerelin
    Mystelia Everstar - kimsim12
    Eira Nole - Nameless
    Gina and Tina - loviebeest

    Warning: this is not originally mine. The creator never started this because he left Iwaku. I rewrote the story a bit and I have a plan where this is going. But still credits where it should. The old "Room Thirteen"
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  2. Haha, when I first read the monster's name I read it as I.T. as in Information Technology. Yeah, not quite as terrifying when you read it like that. However, my silly little thought brings up a good point. What does the technology in the mansion consist of? Are there computers? Phones? Electric lights even? I'm assuming there's no WiFi...
  3. @Shizuka Hahaha, yeah I sometimes read it like I.T. too I left it like that because I thought it would be funny. The inside of the mansion could be described of being set in the victorian age. That means at most that you have gas lamps for the lighting. And if you are lucky you can find one of those old telephones in one of the rooms. Aside from technology that the characters would be carrying with them there would be no modern technology.
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  4. Well, I decided to just rip the cs I had for the old version of this rp and transplant it here
    Name: Remilia Maian (Romulus)
    Remilia talk
    Romulus talk
    Both Talk

    Age: 16 (age unknown)

    Gender: Female (Female)

    Sexuality: Straight (Bi)

    Species: Catgirl

    Weapon: these knuckles

    Remilia is a highly accomplished Element Fusion Mage. She can manipulate the basic elements of fire, water, wind, earth and use them to create various combination elements. (I.e Water and wind = ice. Fire and earth = lava and etc.) Most of her magic Remilia cast is instantaneous and does not require chanting time, which allows her to chain magics one right after another.
    *(Romulus is a blood mage fighter who can only use blood magic to an exceptional degree. Because of that, she is better suited as a fighter as she has the most experience as one. Not to say her blood magic is weak. It's just a bit more convient to fight in close quarters then to shoot blood. Oh, did I also mention she and Remilia can swap places with each other via their souls? Yeah.)*

    Time in the House: 4 years (She lost count)

    Room Number: Floor 65 Room 7


    Remilia and Romulus
    Owner's site is in the picture. (Edit 1: Because the image like happened to be broken.)

    Height is 5'1
    Weight is 120lbs.
    She has a tattoo in the shape of an cat paw.
    Her hair is a tad bit more messier then what it shows in the picture.

    Personalty: Remilia is a kind and caring Catgirl. When she sees people in need, she has to help them out before helping herself. Ever since meeting with Romulus, her personality mened with Romulus' ancient persona of a quiet shut in who tends to ignore others if they don't talk to her first. It was a painful first 4 months when they both met each other. But since then, both girls have adapted to each others. Pretty much Remilia will talk first and if Romulus finds the person interesting, she will talk to the person herself. After all, how often do you get to talk with a ghost? You can pet the ears and tail. Just don't pull.

    Biography: Remilia Maian would be considered an alien to humans. After all, she was born in a thriving resort town near the beach. Her family was the owner of a rising 5 star resort that was getting better with each day. So how did a catgirl get to where she is today? Easy. At the age of 12, she was helping out on the resort as per a normal day when she spotted a door. It was just like any normal door like any others, but somehow it caught her attention like none other. It had an aura that she never felt before as she went to examine the door.

    After examining it, Remilia opened the door to find herself in the house. Realizing that she made a huge mistake, she tried to come back the way she came to find out the way she came disappeared. Fear started to grip her as she ran into the first room she could. Inside the room was [Data Removed] (Will be explained).

    Ever since that day, Romulus and Remilia lived in room 7 on Floor 65 as a recluse. 52 rooms above the [Data Removed].

    She and Romulus are all into online gaming and games in general.
    Romulus loves crepes while Remilia adores Apple pie.
    Romulus taught Remilia magic.
    Remilia's not the cleanest roommate.
    Remilia and Romulus are ambidextrous and a great multitask-er. (For the times, both wants to play at the same time and does not want to relinquish body control

    This is their theme song.

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  5. @Raiden of course it's accepted. Nice that you pasted it here ^^
  6. Name: Eliana Leith (Elly)

    Age: 20

    Gender: Female

    Sexuality: Straight

    Species: Human

    Powers/Abilities/Weapons: She is plagued with visions. Ever since she was a child she has seen things that she cannot explain. Usually they occur at night in place of her dreams, but they have also been known to come to her when she is awake. When this happens she either faints, or her eyes glaze and she instantly stops whatever it was that she was previously doing. The nature of these visions vary, and their meanings aren't always clear. Their frequency is also unpredictable. Sometimes she goes weeks without a vision and other times she has them multiple times a day. The most common vision she encounters is one of a blue butterfly. She has no control over her ability and, seeing it as a curse rather than a gift, often tries to ignore them. As far as combat, she is pretty useless. She has no weapons or fighting experience.

    Time in the House: 2 years exactly

    Room Number: Floor 8 Room 83

    (Site found:

    Personality: She is rather shy, especially around strangers, but under her quiet exterior she is actually a kind, friendly person. She is not one to openly show her emotions and is more likely to just laugh things off than get upset about them. This has a tendency to backfire on her though because others don't always realize how much their words can hurt her. When she is confronted, her first reaction is to retreat rather then fight. However, if someone else is in danger she will not hesitate to do what she can to help, even if it means her own life is put in jeopardy. Overall, she is a quiet, gentle person who doesn't like conflict.

    Biography: She grew up in the suburbs with two caring parents and two irritating younger sisters. Her life was fairly ordinary. She went to school, did her homework, watched T.V., her days rarely straying from routine. Although there were plenty of occasions when she wished for more, she was content with her simple life. One day during her senior year in high school, just as she was about to leave, something caught her eye. It was a door; a door that she had never seen before. She was bewildered. She had lived in the same house for eighteen years, and yet somehow this door had eluded her for all that time. Compelled by her curiosity, she opened the door and stepped inside. She was amazed by the vastness of the room she stepped into; it didn't seem physically possible because, of course, it wasn't. She turned to go back and ask her parents about the impossible room, but the door was gone. She was trapped. As time passed and the reality of the situation set in, she became extremely depressed. Her only solace was found within the ink stained pages of books. She used books as her escape. They are the only things that have kept her sane. Now she can usually be found in her room or in the main room, but never without a book in her hand.

    Other: She longs to return home and reunite with her family, but she knows she isn't capable of escaping on her own.
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  7. Showing interest(: Have to think about it a bit o.o
  8. Well I do love cookies...
  9. Give me until this afternoon or tomorrow and I'll work something up ^^
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  11. *WIP (1/2 Completed)*

    Name || Age || Gender
    Eira Nole || 22 || Female

    Sexuality || Species || Room Number
    Straight || Fox Girl || 3rd Floor, Room 33

    ||Appearance ||

    The copyright is underneath the picture. The picture does not belong to me. Also, I generally don't use pictures such as this, but it's not as if you can find a girl with fox tails on the internet that isn't animated...

    Additional: She is roughly 5'6", approximately 140 lbs.

    || Time Spent in the House ||
    She's currently been in the house for roughly three months.
    || Powers, Abilities, Weapons ||

    Eira Nole has a serious fascination with weapons that she can't really explain. Maybe it's the overwhelming need to always feel protected or maybe she just likes the idea of being able to smack someone around whenever she feels like. She doesn't know. It is not, however, a psychopathic tendency. She does not want to chop the head off of everyone she comes into contact with. In fact, she's only ever injured two people in her entire life. A man who attacked her and her mother when she was around the age of 14 and herself when she tripped and fell on a pencil. She does know how to use them. She's not ignorant about them and she's not completely helpless. She may not have used them on anyone before, but she has practiced for the real thing. Some could argue that this makes her dangerous, she would argue that she's just careful. This is do to her life before she arrived at the house.
    || Personality ||

    Eira contradicts herself in personality more often than not. She's shy but has no problem speaking up with she feels the need, sometimes with a little more sass and smartass comments than are needed. She's not much of a troublemaker, but she loves the idea of adventure and has no problem getting in trouble to find it. She has a kind nature, putting people's needs ahead of her more times than you can count on your fingers and toes. Unfortunately, she's not one to be up front and start a conversation. She usually waits for someone else to approach her. Eira can seem a bit stand-offish, but I can assure you she probably wants to talk to you just as much as you want to talk to her. She's new to the mansion and only wants a friend in which she can walk and wander the halls with to feel safe. She's observant to her surroundings, yet completely oblivious to other people's emotions which makes her uncomfortable in situations where someone is crying or scared. She's not used to comfort.
    || Biography ||

    Eira grew up in a harsh home. She wasn't beaten. It was just... strict. Her mother only wanted what was best for her and her father, well... he was the thing her mother wanted to keep her from becoming. From the time she was a baby she was taught to keep herself strong-willed and powerful. Not to let problems eat away at her from the inside out. If something was wrong, you faced it head on. Her father was anything but. Her mother called him weak, spineless, a puppy dog with his tail between his legs. However, the fact that the woman never had enough strength to divorce her father made Eira think that her mother was the one who couldn't let go. As far as the rest of her personal life is concerned, she's not ready to share. It's uncomfortable for her to talk about and strangers are the last people she's willing to explain her life story. As for how she ended up in the house? She was dumb enough to one day waltz into someone else's home unannounced and uninvited.

    Name || Age || Gender
    || 24 || Male

    Sexuality || Species || Room Number
    Straight || (Currently Undecided) || Room (Undecided)

    || Appearance ||

    [Insert Picture Here]

    (Written Description)

    || Time Spent in the House ||

    || Powers, Abilities, Weapons ||

    || Personality ||

    || Biography ||

    || Other ||

    * I may add a third person later on. I haven't completely decided on it yet. Not sure how many characters I can handle just yet.*
    Reagan Price

    - OR -
    A character I have used in the past that I never got the chance to use.
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  12. Thinking about this and have some character ideas! One of those being an elderly homeless man that stumbled upon the property many years ago.

    Since we don't have much of a male cast so far, I may make another male with a single female. Depends on if I find the inspiration or not. :)

    My Current Character Ideas Before CS Development
    - Elderly Homeless Man who ventured into the home 13 years ago. He is accompanied by his beloved dog, Eldrich, who was only a puppy when they arrived.

    Unnamed - Young Female who dropped out of college to photograph the world. She arrived at the house only a few weeks ago.
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  13. This looks very interesting. I'm in.
  14. yeah more people ^^
  15. Image Created by: JessicaCross
    Thomas Cleveland (Old Tom)

    56, though he looks much older.


    He's not interested.


    He has none except an extremely strong connection to his dog, Eldritch.

    Time in the House:
    13 Years

    Room Number:
    He claims the room 14 on the first floor, but he rarely stays there.

    Thomas is a rather quite figure, creeping about the mansion as if he himself was a ghost. Rarely does the man speak, preferring to listen with vague interest to his surroundings. If he is provoked to words, his voice takes the form of gravel, low and cracked from a lack of use. Thomas does not interfere with the goings-on in the mansion, and will offer little to no guidance if an individual is in need of it. The elderly gentleman can be found roaming around the large establish with Eldritch by his side, rarely seen entering or leaving his claimed room of 14. Is it possible that he is frightened of his otherworldly neighbor, or does he simply enjoy being a nomad?

    Despite his current situation, Thomas used to live a happy life. He was a married father of two who taught History at the local Secondary School. The marriage seemed to be a happy one, a love that started early and forced their hands at holy matrimony grew to be one of comfort and respect. Steven and Olivia Cleveland were raised within a household that provided them the best that could be afforded and in time, they each graduated with Honors and moved on to universities. It was once their children flew the nest that trouble arose between Thomas and his wife, Sarah.

    Conflict that had once been a rare visitor to the household took hold residence. For once, life became a struggle for the two lovers and soon Thomas was hit with a bombshell. At the age of 40, Sarah was pregnant and the child wasn't his. The man was devastated but also committed to his wife. They could make this work, he would tell her. It was all too apparent that his words meant nothing to her and soon after, the couple was separated and Thomas was forced to move out of his home. The mental and emotional struggle was difficult for the man and six months after the marital loss, his job as teacher was taken from him.

    Alcohol became his companion and day after day, Thomas Cleveland would spend whatever money he had for a forgetful night. It was the only way he could find sleep. Bottle after bottle, can after can, the poor man drank his lfie away, adding another loss to his pile of winnings. A year later, Thomas was wife-less, job-less, and worse: homeless.

    One day while shuffling through a dumpster to find something to eat, the gentleman happened upon a small bundle of fur. The young animal had been severely injured and left for dead. Immediately, Thomas scooped the pup up in his arms and trudged back to the corner that he called home. Much to his surprise, the young pup managed to survive the night and together they took on the task of healing each other. Within months, the canine fully recovered and the two lonely hearts were connected.

    Eventually, Thomas and his pup, Eldritch, were forced again to pick up and move, making their way out of the town. To the man, this was a death sentence. For miles they walked until Eldritch took a strange interest to a strange, old mansion they had come across. Thomas wandered around the home while Eldritch followed with unease, his tail tucked between his legs and his head bowed. Seeing his companion's behavior deterred Thomas from going further, but the promise of home was tempting. Surely no one would bother them there. He reached down to pet the dog on the head and calm him before making their way into the mansion and into their hell.

    Eldritch: Image Courtesy of engross (hitch)

    Argh! I've been trying to finish editing this for like, an hour... Why Iwakuuuu D:
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  16. @loviebeest Sorry, sorry >.< It should be up today. Yesterday was busy and I was trying to get two character sheets done o.o
  17. @loviebeest, Thomas is completed finally! Iwaku was giving me so much trouble. D: Ah.

    Let me know what you think and I'll make changes if I need to. ^_^
    (The only difference is that I personally edited the eyes to make them blue)
    Mystelia Everstar
    19,876 (looks about 22)
    Everen: a peaceful species from the planet Everlock. They cannot die from natural causes such as age or disease. They still can, however, be killed. Every Everen can control one or two of the four natural elements: fire, water, earth, or air. They have pointed ears like elves and are naturally pale-skinned. Every Everen is born with what humans would refer to as an "unnatural color" such as blue, pink, orange, purple, etc.
    She can control water and fire.
    Time in the House
    75 years (teehee)
    Room Number
    She stands at 5'6" and has pointed ears like an elf. She weighs about 50 pounds, a very healthy weight for an Everen.
    Like most Everen, Mystelia is naturally kind-hearted. On Everlock, Everen are very at-one with nature, and she has the same ideals. Everen are also very curious creatures, and she's probably the most curious of them all.
    She believes wholeheartedly that all life is equal, but she's not perfect by any means. Her main flaw is her temperament. She is quick to anger, especially for an Everen, and has a lack of patience that is contradictory to her culture. She has no tolerance for judgmentalism and will do whatever it takes to erradicate it. She stands up for people who can't stand up for themselves. Even if they can stand up for themselves, she stands up for them anyways. All of these factors are part of the reason why she considers herself pansexual. She doesn't care what a person looks like or what they identify as--she can learn to love anyone.
    Mystelia Everstar is the Crowned Princess of Everlock. Since day one, she's known that she will eventually take the throne when she reaches the age of 20,000. She was already lined up to be married to the respectable son of the captain of the guard. The two had been best of friends for a long time, so Mystelia didn't mind. Everlock is a beautiful planet--far more beautiful than Earth. She would spend weeks in the forests surrounding her city. The most interesting thing about Everlock is that is protects the Everen people so long as the Everen people respect the planet. That is part of reason why they hold nature to be sacred. Anyhow, Mystelia loved spending time alone in the forest. One day, however, she found a large door built into one of the largest trees on Everlock. It was peculiar because she had been to that tree thousands upon thousands of times--there had never been a door there before. Her curiosity took over, and she opened it. All she saw was a very dark and bleak-looking room. She stepped inside, leaving the door open behind her. She explored the room, deciding that it needed a lot of color. She turned around to retrieve some flowers from the nearby meadow...only to find that the door she had left open was gone. It wasn't just closed--it was completely gone.
    She's spent 75 years in this mansion, and she's learned all the ins and outs of the first seven floors. She doesn't dare go higher unless absolutely necessary because she knows that she will never find the top, and the very thought terrifies her. Living across from IT does not bother her much...unless she hears it wandering about at night.
    When other people began showing up at the mansion, she was very cordial and tried to help them understand the situation (even though she hardly understands it herself). Having not aged a day since she arrived makes it hard for people to believe she's been there 75 years.
    She wants more than anything to return home. Her parents are probably worried sick about her, and she has a duty to her people that she is supposed to fulfill very soon.
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