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  1. There once was a time where you lived in the outside world.
    You had a family, went to school, or worked, or maybe you begged on the street.
    Maybe you were an adventurer who went anywhere you wanted.
    But now you're here. You're part of our family now, whether you like it or not.
    You can't leave.
    We can't leave.
    In this house, this place of wonder, of friendship, of horror,
    Where you can stay and rot in your room or spend time with those around you
    Or run from the force of The Bleeding
    Whatever you may do...
    You stay in the House.
    It's me again, the lovely string instrument who happens to have a keyboard. Yes, I have come up with this thing so suddenly, I just have to roleplay it. And maybe one day write using the concept. >.>

    You are in a building now - You may have lived here your entire life, or you may have suddenly walked through a door moments ago, and are now here, in the House, for the rest of your life. This is your life now. You have a room, you get to have new friends, and there are magical people who make delicious food out of thin air. Sometimes the walls, but mostly air.

    There are, of course, new dangers- Crazy people who live throughout the House, this enormous, place, and want to kill you. Or you could be crazy. Some of these crazy people don't want to kill you, though. Some people go insane trying to get out - others just make it their normal life.

    And then, there's this mysterious stuff, that seems to come out of room 13 on the bottom floor- it should be avoided at all costs.

    Whatever you feel you should do now, go ahead. This is your new life, your new home, in the House.

    The House (open)
    The House (open)
    You came in this building through a door, a seemingly ordinary door that appeared from nowhere, yet you had the strangest sense that you must go inside, like something was calling to you. Once you were in, the door out disappeared, and that would be the last time you saw the outside world.

    You took up an empty room, made it your own style, and that's where you sleep or go to be anti-social.

    But the House it an amazing place. Most of it is like a castle mixed with with a hotel. It's just about endless. Many like to gather in the main room on the third floor, with couches and a fireplace, and overall cozy place. Near it is the kitchen and grand dining room, able to sit and feed up to seventy people, the wizard cooks boast, even if there are relatively few people living in the House.

    There are windows that show nothing but sky and clouds, or stars during the night. No one has seen land.

    No one has ever reached the top floor. Some believe that the House is endless. Sometimes, hallways seem to twist and turn endlessly on one floor, causing some people who ventured up and out to even go missing.

    There are amazing rooms, however, like hidden, untouched ballrooms, rooms filled with books stacked to the ceiling, rooms with telescopes to see stars, even when one cannot see the ground the House sits upon. It's all up to what one can find.

    The Bleeding (open)
    Darkness Watching.jpg
    The Bleeding (open)

    This thing resides in the House, seen most often at the bottom floor, emanating from room 13. However, it can be seen just about anywhere, though rarely. In a dormant state, a safe-ish state, it is a still, black mist that fills the room. It is unbreathable, and burns skin and eyes. However, as it seems to 'wake up' it crackles bloody red, and moves around like a creature of gas.

    People say it is violent, tearing a person apart if it can reach it, or taking over the body, and using it as a puppet to attack the host's friends. No one knows truly what it is, but you can ask around for some theories.

    Without eyes, it feels like it's always watching... avoid it at all costs.

    -You may have up to three characters.
    -At least two lines of writing per post.
    -Always inform everyone if you'll be gone for an extended period of time (Five days or so)
    -No controlling other player's characters.
    -Do not make your characters completely unbeatable in a fight. It's boring.
    -Define your race if it's not commonly used (Elf, human, and vampire is common- Aliceranius is not. ;) ).
    -Please consult me with things like being controlled by the Bleeding, getting lost, etc.
    -Have fun~! Yes, this a rule.
    Character Sheet (open)
    Name: (Nicknames in parenthesis.)

    Age: (Very little restriction on this.)

    Gender: (I don't even.)

    Sexuality: (Romance!)

    Species: (If it's original, give a short description.)

    Powers/Abilities/Weapons: (Don't get too crazy with power now.)

    Time in the House: (How long has your character lived here, if they are already there? Limit 75 years.)

    Room Number: (The room you stay in. Every floor has 15 different bedrooms. You may stay with someone else, too.)

    Appearance: (Picture, or description works. If it's a picture, please credit it.)

    Personalty: (Be brief if you're bad at this.)

    Biography: (A little history, now. Include how they got here, unless you're going to write that as your first post. If you want to keep some history secret to reveal in the RP, please add it here once it's been revealed.)

    Other: (Just in case.)

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  2. Currently in the IC:
    There is no IC.

    ~Otoro Fortamend, room 555 floor 7 (Violon 'Cello')
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  3. Name: Otoro Fortamend

    Age: 15 (looks a bit older?)

    Gender: Technically none (Appears male, self-identifies as such.)

    Sexuality: Bi

    Species: Clockwork; A machine run on a spring turning a lot of gears and cogs and such. Has an auto-repair system.

    Powers/Abilities/Weapons: An old, well-kept rapier.

    Time in the House: 2 years, 6 months

    Room Number: Room 555, floor seven

    Show Spoiler

    Personalty: A fun, energetic, childish, and friendly guy. Although he's not human, he may be the most humane person ever. He likes to be around he others and talk a lot. He has an unmatchable sense of humor, and a contagious laugh.

    He likes to tinker with mechanical things, and is often seen making something or messing with something.

    Although innocent at most times, he has made a few horrific, morbid, and terrifying comments whilst keeping a sweet smile.

    Biography: He was created by Doctor Fortamend, a mechanic, whom he called Father. He was only a few days from being completed before curiously walking through the door that lead him to the House. He was depressed for quite some time, put soon got back to his original peppy self.

    Other: Eats parts. Sometimes has trouble seeing colors or smelling.
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  4. This reminds me so much of a book I read once... Also given that we styled our own rooms, im assuming theres a way of obtaining the items for it?
  5. @Raitoningu There are the magical people who can conjure up things. You might even have one of your characters do that.

    Not only that, but many of the rooms have things and stuff in them, depending on what it is.

    @MinTea Um.... So sorry, but, I think I'd like you to read the rules a little bit more carefully please. :\

    I mean, really carefully. Really, really carefully. Look for the secret.
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  6. OK. I assumed that it was the food maker people who also summoned furniture, but I was going to put "so does that mean we can summon things" but decided against that because it would have biased the answer.
  7. Name: Yoshida Taiki (Lucky)

    Age: (21)

    Gender: (Male)

    Sexuality: (Straight)

    Species: (Human)

    Powers/Abilities/Weapons: (Excellent use of pistols. Extremely accurate aim and the ability to curve bullet trajectory. He owns Two Gold Desert Eagle pistols)

    Time in the House: (Just arrived to the house in question.)

    Room Number: (Room number #00, floor 5)

    Appearance: Uroko.jpg from the anime Nagi no Asukara

    Personalty: Yoshida (Lucky) is a unattached, lazy wanderer. Growing up without guidance, forced to learn the world for himself, he has seen many situations (often life or death). He got the nickname from his friends on the outside because he often escaped trials and tribulations with his life when common sense would have dictated that he should have died. He is also very brash and has a dry, sarcastic sense of humor, often offending those around him. He's also known to be pretty perverted at times. Despite all of this, Yoshida can be very dependable when the situation dictates and can switch gears in the blink of an eye.

    Biography: Lucky has always been an orphan. He grew up on the streets by himself and owes who he is to the streets which molded him. Lucky was an odd-job taker. He took jobs which interested him and they ranged from farming and gardening to human eradication and assassination. Despite the nature of his jobs, his personality has always been light, lazy and funny. Never comfortable in one place, Yoshida nomadically wandered from town to town. On his way to the next town he happened upon a house. A grand house. A large estate, perhaps the largest he's witnessed. Curious, Lucky knocks on the door. No answer. He opened the door, wandered in and from there on was trapped..

    Yoshida wants to find a way out of the house...
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  8. @Ace Of Flame Nice, accepted.

    Just a note for anyone else, this door can be placed absolutely anywhere. A house, a hallway, an alley. It just happens to appear randomly and disappears as soon as the character walks through.

    Another note, I won't be here for a few days.
  9. I want to join, I haven't worked out the CS yet but I do know it will be a shattered soul A.K.A. a creepy twin.
  10. hmm. I might wanna make a character in this rp.


    Edit: Also, quick question. Considering that there is a wizard, can I presume that magic is allowed within reasonable bounds?
  11. I'm way into this! I'll get around to filling out a character sheet sometime today or tomorrow!
  12. Name: Seika Ichinose

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    Sexuality: Straight

    Species: 1/4 Medusa; Otherwise,she's just a regular human

    • Like what is stated in different stories and myths,a Medusa has the ability to turn anything and anyone into stone,but not Seika.Instead of turning them to stone,she can only completely freeze them until 15 minutes the maximum,or until she decides to unfreeze her victim.To do so,she only has to lock eyes with her target while she's in her "Medusa mode",and someone can tell when she is if her red eyes turn and glow to a brighter bloody color.
    • She keeps two pistols and an assassin dagger in her room,since she doesn't really have a reason to carry it around...yet.

    Time in the House: 1 year, 11 months

    Room Number: Room 140, Floor 9

    Appearance: ((already watermarked so...))
    • Left eye shows her original eye color(the darker red) ; Right eye shows her "Medusa eyes"(the lighter red)
    • Whole Gothic Lolita outfit is in black and white (even the big "flower" on her hairpiece)(ribbons are blue)
    • Hair: Light blonde
    • Has broken chains on her ankles and wristis
    • Height: 5'5"

    Personalty: Cold,confident,mysterious.Those are the first three words anyone would think of first when they first meet her.Seika is someone who would openly insult and flip anyone off if she finds them annoying,and she won't even be afraid to do so.She is graceful and independent,or at least she tries to show that she can stand up for herself.On the flip side,she is actually very sensitive and had always been filled with loneliness and fear.She is more gentle and fragile than in seems,but she has never opened up to anyone about this side of her yet.

    Biography: Ever since Seika was a kid,she has always lived in fear.Fear of her own powers.Nobody knew how or why she has these abilities,but her family still tried to make her experience living a normal life.Coming from one of the wealthiest and most famous families of all time,she was taken care of and treated like royalty.She was also known as the Ichinose family's greatest treasure.Everyone talked about that family name...until one day the name "Ichinose" suddenly disappeared in the background because of an incident the people of the country,and everyone around the world, grew to know as "The Crimson Waltz".On that same day,Seika has ran off inside the House and ended up locking herself up in that certain room she grew to know as her home...and pretty much her prison as well.

    ((will explain more about"The Crimson Waltz" on the first post and,hopefully,as the RP progresses /3\) ))

    Other: She is scared of the dark,blood,and the idea of killing someone.
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  13. Name: Gina & Tina (The twin)

    Age: one of them is 23 the other... let's just say that twins have the same age.

    Gender: Both female

    Sexuality: Bi, if you can keep them apart and interested in you.

    Species: Shattered soul. Think of the pool of reincarnation as a big bowl of marbles and every marble is a soul. A shattered soul is a marble that fell out of the bowl and broke. The soul isn't able to start anew after reincarnating and it's split up when it's born.

    Powers/Abilities/Weapons: They are able to switch their soul halves possessing the other body. Their body change into their real appearance wich make them switch bodies completely. They often do this when talking to other people. They can talk with spirits but they keep the secrets they were told to themselves.

    Time in the House: 15 years

    Room Number: second floor room 22

    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Brown haired one is Gina the pale Black haired one is Tina. The colours are accurate, Tina is pale with brown eyes. They do have noses they just aren't really accented in this picture. They are both 1,70m (about 5ft & 6.5inch) tall and for a lustfull eye they are an object of desire. (Gina talk, Tina talk, Both talk.) (credits)

    Personalty: They grew up in seclusion with no one else to depend on but eachother. Growing up in the house severely changed their view on normality. They often don't understand it when you mention something from outside the house. They are secretive and in general considered typical horror movie twins, always calmly watching and lurking. They love to discover their paradise and often ask people if they have seen clues to new places. Music is their hobby since they can both enjoy it at the same time, often they ask the spirits about music box locations for their room. Sometimes they grab the stuff from old rooms owned by the spirits. You can Always invite them for a game, they also like to dance. They enjoy anything as long as they are together, being seperated is their fear. If you get to know them then you know that they are more different than you first thought.

    Gina is the silent type but she can talk a lot too, even if it isn't sounding really enthousiastic. She is reckless, likes to search the borders and most likely wants to cross them too. She will also grab any chance she has to flirt with someone. Most of the time she is interrupted by Tina when that happens. Anger isn't one of her strong points, she never is. She only smiles when she is near Tina. Gina likes to have more bright colours in her clothing style.

    Tina will do anything to have Gina for herself, most of the time that is no problem. She is selfish, emotional and has a bad temper. She doesn't like people and often keeps away from them. But if her big curiousity strikes then she will almost cling to them. Tina is the type who goes from one emotion to the other while often smiling. A pastel coloured garderobe is her style.

    Biography: When they were both eight they had different families, a shattered soul should and could not be mended. At one day when they were playing in their family houses they found a door. Neither of them had met the other before they entered the door to retrieve the lost feeling they missed. They had entered the house at the same time at the same place. Upon meeting they felt complete and never left eachothers side. They did everything together and never wanted to be seperated. Often you can find them wandering around the house, talking and whispering to themselves or the spirits and souls that never left the house. They themselves never want to leave the house, they didn't need their old family anymore, they had eachother. If they would get out then they have to be seperated wich would make both of them unhappy. The house is their paradise and they will make sure that their new family members and friends stay. Nothing will destroy it and no one will seperate them.

    Other: Like the bio said, if you try to escape then they will interfere.
    THEME SONG (look at the picture while listening)
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  14. Name: Remilia Maian (Romulus)
    Remilia talk
    Romulus talk
    Both Talk

    Age: 16 (age unknown)

    Gender: Female (Female)

    Sexuality: Straight (Bi)

    Species: Catgirl

    Weapon: these knuckles

    Remilia is a highly accomplished Element Fusion Mage. She can manipulate the basic elements of fire, water, wind, earth and use them to create various combination elements. (I.e Water and wind = ice. Fire and earth = lava and etc.) Most of her magic Remilia cast is instantaneous and does not require chanting time, which allows her to chain magics one right after another.
    *(Romulus is a blood mage fighter who can only use blood magic to an exceptional degree. Because of that, she is better suited as a fighter as she has the most experience as one. Not to say her blood magic is weak. It's just a bit more convient to fight in close quarters then to shoot blood. Oh, did I also mention she and Remilia can swap places with each other via their souls? Yeah.)*

    Time in the House: 4 years (She lost count)

    Room Number: Floor 65 Room 7


    Remilia and Romulus
    Owner's site is in the picture

    Height is 5'1
    Weight is 120lbs.
    She has a tattoo in the shape of an cat paw.
    Her hair is a tad bit more messier then what it shows in the picture.

    Personalty: Remilia is a kind and caring Catgirl. When she sees people in need, she has to help them out before helping herself. Ever since meeting with Romulus, her personality mened with Romulus' ancient persona of a quiet shut in who tends to ignore others if they don't talk to her first. It was a painful first 4 months when they both met each other. But since then, both girls have adapted to each others. Pretty much Remilia will talk first and if Romulus finds the person interesting, she will talk to the person herself. After all, how often do you get to talk with a ghost? You can pet the ears and tail. Just don't pull.

    Biography: Remilia Maian would be considered an alien to humans. After all, she was born in a thriving resort town near the beach. Her family was the owner of a rising 5 star resort that was getting better with each day. So how did a catgirl get to where she is today? Easy. At the age of 12, she was helping out on the resort as per a normal day when she spotted a door. It was just like any normal door like any others, but somehow it caught her attention like none other. It had an aura that she never felt before as she went to examine the door.

    After examining it, Remilia opened the door to find herself in the house. Realizing that she made a huge mistake, she tried to come back the way she came to find out the way she came disappeared. Fear started to grip her as she ran into the first room she could. Inside the room was [Data Removed] (Will be explained).

    Ever since that day, Romulus and Remilia lived in room 7 on Floor 65 as a recluse. 50 rooms above the [Data Removed].

    She and Romulus are all into online gaming and games in general.
    Romulus loves crepes while Remilia adores Apple pie.
    Romulus taught Remilia magic.
    Remilia's not the cleanest roommate.
    Remilia and Romulus are ambidextrous and a great multitask-er. (For the times, both wants to play at the same time and does not want to relinquish body control

    This is their theme song.

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  15. Hmmmm.... @Levont did you get some ideas from my CS >:3 I can't wait for this RP to start, if just @Violon 'Cello' would get online than everything would be purrfect.
  16. @loviebeest Dang, and I thought the being a possessed girl was an original idea. XD
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  17. @Levont Oh it is original, it's the way how you filled your CS in. ^^ But our characters have some things in common.... I, like it! Btw Gina & Tina can talk with ghosts so I think they can also talk with Romulus if she wasn't possesing Remilia, don't you think?
  18. Definitely interested. I will soon post a CS
  19. Name: Poppy Moore

    Age: Claims to be 16, though seems to be younger

    Gender: Female

    Sexuality: Cute people? She's never thought it important to label something that changes

    Species: Presumably human, with elve ancestry

    Powers/Abilities/Weapons: Sensitive hearing, inclined to notice fine details, skilled climber, good with tying knots and picking locks

    Time in the House: A few days

    Room Number: 3rd floor, room 3. She's somewhat afraid to be alone but has yet to find someone to room with

    (Credit to myself I guess? I drew this.)
    Poppy is petite, about 5'2". She tends to sport winter wear, like scarves, sweaters, knit hats, etc. She get's cold very easily.

    Personality: Poppy is quiet, and pretty reserved. Though not shy, when around others, she tends to do more watching than talking, often quietly mumbling to herself. She's not one for breaking rules or going outside her comfort zone. Poppy likes find new things and places, and little details. She also is driven by a strong desire to put her hands on things- she likes to get to know things through touch as much as she does through sight. Also, though not easily angered, when angry..she gets VERY angry.

    Biography: Poppy lived on a rather large farm with her family- including her parents, many siblings, her parents siblings and spouses, and many cousins. She knew very few people outside of her family. With very little interest in her siblings, Poppy spend much of her time climbing trees (to avoid them), and writing stories and drawing. Her favorite person had been her distant elven cousin, Star, who would visit and bring her strange gifts and tell stories of fantastic beings and adventures outside her isolated village. As time passed, Poppy grew more resentful of her family and their simple ways of living..and eventually resentment turned into hatred, and blinding desire to escape and explore, which cause Poppy to do things she does not like to admit.

    She arrived when one night, laying awake in the room she shared with 2 of her sisters, a door appeared, and the light shining underneath tempted her in.

    Other: Poppy has many secrets she doesn't even like to admit to herself. Also she can be a bit handsy. Woops.
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  20. Name:
    Vesper Shayde
    (Ves, Mirror)

    Vesper doesnt have a known age. It is known that she has lived many lifetimes, and during many eras.


    If she has to choose, she would be straight, but such trivial things as relationships, and intimate situations are put on a back burner for her.

    An Ungaikyo is a possessed mirror only fabled in Japanese myth.
    My take on the Ungaikyo is a living personification of the mirror possessed by a spirit who has; therefore, created the grounds on which my character can exist.

    Vesper cannot really do much for being such a fearsome, fable. Her eyes are not flesh, and blood, but literal mirrors reflecting everything else from their sockets.
    Her power is that, when she looks one directly in the eyes, they see their entire life flash before them, but only memories of all the wrongs they've done, the lives they have taken, the deeds that have effected people. When they see all of this, their mind shall be effected, and they will become crazed, unbelieving of what they had done, and were capable of.
    She does keep a traditional, Japanese Katana on her person.

    Time in the House:
    She's been in The House for only 3 years.

    Room Number:
    Room 03 Floor 3

    She is most commonly seen in a traditional kimono.
    Her hair is long, and raven colored. Pin straight, and hanging well passed her back side.
    She has snow white skin, no color at all. It gives her a very
    ethereal look, clearly not human.
    She wears a bandage over her eyes to shield anyone from looking into them.
    Her face, arms, and legs are all riddle with cracks that look oddly similar to a broken porcelain doll.


    Vesper is generally a quiet being, and only speaks when she is spoken to. She is noticeably indifferent on most things, and doesnt find it difficult to look the other way should she have to do so. She is out for her own survival at this point. She is, in essence, a mirror after all, fragile, easily broken. Aside from her hard exterior, inside she is just that. A fragile soul, emotional, and afraid. she will more often than not put on a mask of bravery, and then flee to her room to weep.

    Vesper had been peacefully living in a temple in Japan by her delightful lonesome when the door appeared to her. It should have been odd...she should have known something was wrong with it, but she couldnt help, but to step forward, take the knob in her pale hand, and twist. stepping through that door may have been the worst mistake of her life. She has been trapped here in this house for three years since then. Desperation, and a strong will led her to try, and find a way out for a year, and a half straight, but she eventually realized that there was no way to leave. So she adapted her life to the House, and she adapted well. Vesper can now often be seen in the main room which all others venture to relax. She doesnt move, she doesnt speak. She listens, and enjoys the stories, and conversations of others.
    What else is a mirror to do?

    Other: (Just in case.)

    She is blind. Mirrors only reflect what others see, and so, in essence, in order for her to see anything, she would have to look through the eyes of another living being. This is done by touch.

    Because she is a mirror, she is both mentally, and physically fragile. Her pale white skin is just a delicate as porcelain, and even the smallest nudge can send fishers, and cracks through her normally smooth features.
    (Her skin cracks like glass.)

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