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    There once was a time where you lived in the outside world.
    You had a family, went to school, or worked, or maybe you begged on the street.
    Maybe you were an adventurer who went anywhere you wanted.
    But now you're here. You're part of our family now, whether you like it or not.
    You can't leave.
    We can't leave.
    In this house, this place of wonder, of friendship, of horror,
    Where you can stay and rot in your room or spend time with those around you
    Or run from IT
    Whatever you may do...
    You stay in the House.
    Once again the front door was opened. A new visitor? No, a new resident. Maybe it was someone who managed to leave. The sound of the door closing could be heard echoing through the hallways. Soon it was followed by creaks of the wooden floor wich cried out under the frantic steps of the new resident. Again a new person, again nobody was able to leave. To the delight of some, but the horror of others or maybe they are all indifferent to it. Have given up, gave themselves over to their fate. Uninterested in any new person. Ah, there it is. The sound of a prisoner trying to escape. It's useless, whisper the ghosts. You will become like us, they giggle. Now there is a new resident who has given up on their past live.

    Slowly the starry sky made place for the clouded day, it was time to wake up. Time to witness the damage done if it had wandered around again. Scorched walls, foul smell and maybe a tinge of death. Like usual, most aren't even bothered by it anymore. Unless the ghost start to whisper of a new victim. The ghosts gather, living room, dining room, other rooms. Maybe it's time to get some food or are you fasting? Starving yourself to death.
  2. Remilia Maian & Romulus

    *Tap Tap Tap Tap*

    The sound of many keys being pressed rings out from room 7 of floor 65 as the room glowed only through the light of a computer monitor. On screen, two characters fighting against each other as the controller of the two characters comes to one catgirl.

    "I got you now." The catgirl said with a playful smile.

    "Don't get your hopes up. I specialize in fighting games. Unlike you and your first person shooters." The catgirl(?) replied as said smile turned into a smirk.

    Back on screen, one character quickly overpowered the other as the screen displayed that player 2 has won.

    "What did I tell you Remilia? You won't beat me on my stage." The other Remilia said with a full blown sneer on her face.

    "Don't worry about it Romulus. After all, it's hard enough trying to play with one hand." Remilia pointed out as the sneer turned into a frown.

    "In any case, we're starving. Let's get some food from the stash and get to playing some strategy games." Romulus pointed out.

    Remilia nodded as she crawled over to her refrigerator as she pulled open the door. No food can be seen.

    "This isn't good." Romulus muttered putting a frown on the catgirl's face.

    "It isn't for you. I can actually get some hot meals." Remilia perked putting the frown upside down as she got up.

    "You know the drill. You talk." Romulus muttered.

    Remilia smiled as she opened the room door and exited. The bikini cladded catgirl smiled as she looked around.

    "Time to find that kitchen."
  3. The soft sound of her footsteps was the only noise that disturbed the stillness of the early morning. Eliana sighed contently as she strolled through the library, browsing the available books. Where would she escape to next? A fantastical forest? A swaying pirate ship? Or perhaps the lair of a good-natured dragon? Her finger grazed the spine of each book as she strolled through the aisles, her eyes glancing over the titles with calm contemplation. This was her usual routine. Whenever she finished a book, she would come here to get a new one and since reading was basically all she did, she was here often. "Aha!" she whispered, as her finger stopped on a particularly thick spine. "Grimms' Fairy Tales, this should keep me busy for a while," she said, as she tucked it under her arm. Strangely, she had never actually read the famous collection of grisly fairy tales, even though she had been an avid reader even before she got stuck in this mansion. She just never got around to it she supposed. She took the book in her hands and examined it. The worn cover and yellowing pages betrayed its age. Eliana brushed her fingers slowly over the cover. How long had it been here? Her eyes glistened as the tears threatened to overflow. It was the two year anniversary of the day she had become trapped in this place. It also just so happened to be her birthday. She turned twenty today. She could hardly be happy about it though. It was the second birthday she would have to spend without her family. Taking a deep breath, she pulled the weathered book close to her chest. There was no use crying about it now. That wouldn't help anything. She just had to forget, escape, accept that she was going to be stuck here for the rest of her life. Life would be much easier to deal with if she could just do those things. Unluckily for Eliana, she had always been one to dream of the impossible. With the book still clutched in her arms, she went to the library's entrance and exited into the hall, with the plan of heading back to her room.
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