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  1. "Welcome to 'The Grand Hollywood Hotel'! Here's your room key, it's on floor B. We Hope You Enjoy Your Stay!"

    @Klutzy Ninja Kitty
    Note: These are all recomondations. Anyone not mentioned can still join.

    You have been selected by the owner of a rich yet hardly visited hotel down in the southwest. 100 miles away from any kind of civilization. And the rules are simple. Stay on Hotel Grounds For 7 days. Anybody who lasts...gets 2.5 million dollars. The catch? It's haunted by one of the first visitors. A witch who stayed in Room B13. Made a curse that anybody who went and stayed longer than 60 minutes, would die a horrible and yet fantisifull death. Killing them mentally, and physically. Let the games begin.


    Character Sheet

    Type of animal (If pokemon, make it from seasons 1-5)
    Sexual Orientation
    View on the afterlife


    OOC Thread.
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  2. I think ill use my gijinka, its currently my only playable card.
    Name: Fennekin (Likes to be called fenn)
    Type of animal: Pokemon Gijinka
    Personallity : brave, sometimes loyal, strong boy
    Description: He was taken away to the scientists from his parents at only 3 years old. Went through military courses until 12, his current age.
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    View on the afterlife : Has no sight of death. Intends to always survive.
    Strenghts : Guns, any type of weapon, and a changeable environment.
    Weaknesses: Loss of a friend, The feeling of hopelessness.
    Age: 12
    Fears : Sharp things, close up.

    Fenn's invitation flipped wildly about his hand, trying to escape.
    "Whomever can stay in this hotel for 7 days will win 2.5 million dollars!"
    "I REALLY could use that money..."
    Fenn dashed onto the hotel, unaware of what was going to happen.
    Bolben Brebby threw 2-faced die for: Life or death? A $1 toy. Total: 2 $dice
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  3. Name jasmine
    Type of animal kitsune
    Personality cheerful cunning overprotective
    Bio jasmine had escaped a slave market but is trying to get her younger sister out
    View of afterlife all energy is transferred to another living organism
    Sexual orientation bi
    Stengths swords agile
    Weaknesses often saves others at the risk of her own life
    Age 18
    Fears loneliness

    Jasmine flipped through the pages of the brochure. "2.5 million dollars if I can last 7 days on the property. I could use that money to save my younger sister." She walked along the path until she came to the front entrance of the hotel
  4. Name: Samantha (Last name unknown, usually goes by Sam or Sammy)
    Type of animal: Shimarinumimi [dog/chipmunk animal girl]
    Personality: Introverted but affectionate; has a hard time initially trusting others
    Description: 5'4, curvy, olive skin with blue eyes and thigh-length red hair, more often than not seen in baggy clothing. What sets her apart are her two floppy brown ears atop her head and tail longer than she is, the latter white with three black stripes edged by brown.
    Sexual Orientation: Presumed to be pansexual
    View on the afterlife: Considers it necessary for reincarnation, though doesn't plan on visiting it
    Strengths: Mechanical arms give her increased physical strength, canine DNA gives her heightened hearing and smelling senses
    Weaknesses: Tends to be skittish, has a hard time opening up, has issues trusting others
    Age: 23
    Fears: The things in the dark

    Samantha hung back as she watched the others go into the hotel, gazing at the paper again. There had to be a catch somewhere, but a couple of million dollars was awfully tempting. Her tail flicked to and fro in indecision, then she sighed to herself, making her way towards the doors as well. Maybe it'd be easier than she thought.
  5. Name: Varnyssa (goes by Nyssa)
    Type of animal: shiny Eevee
    Personality: She is very playful almost to the point that she is childish. She loves getting to know people though some see her as being annoying.
    Description: In her early teens with short silver hair and long silver ears. She usually wears jeans and a white t-shirt with a grey vest and black boots. She was turned into a human by experiment gone wrong and has never been able to be turned back.
    Sexual Orientation: straight
    View on the afterlife: When it is her time....she's gonna run and hide.
    Strengths: She's very fast when she runs and is really good at hiding. She also is really loyal to the people she sees as allies.
    Weaknesses: She tends to trust to easily. IT gets her hurt a lot.
    Age: 15
    Fears: Being left behind.

    The paper blew into her leg and she looked at it quietly for a moment before her eyes widened. "2.5 millions dollars?!" she exclaimed then wiggled excitedly. She looked around quickly and flagged down a taxi. "Take me to this place! I can finally get back to normal!"
  6. Name: Candy

    Type of animal: Rainbow fox

    Personallity: Lovey, Energetic and always happy Candy always easy to get along~

    Description: She has rainbow hair mixed with green,blue,purple,and pink and a colorful tail of blue,pink,purple. She has magenta eyes and she is quite short. Wears an orange shirt with a peace sign, dark blue jeans, dark maroon boots and a red scarf on her head.

    Sexual Orientation: heterosexual

    View on the afterlife: She will be reincarnated back to her birth place, The Magical Apple Tree of Oriana

    Strenghts: (since i can't use magic fiine) Fast and really quiet. Expert with saw, axes, and unusual habit of making a hobby horse as her brutal smashing weapon

    Weaknesses: Well she's a bit physically weak.

    Age: 15

    Fears: The dark Shadows
  7. Walking down the street Candy stared at the paper on her hand. Seeing a hotel with a worth millions she shrugged and kept walking. She didn't care if it was worth millions but seeing there was something unusual about it she decided to take a visit and find it out. Taking a taxi she went to the hotel while looking at the view bored.
  8. Name: Rivera Moore

    Type of animal: Vulpix

    Personallity: She's a yandere, but doesn't like to show it. Once she's angry or feels as if someone is threatening her relationship, she snaps. It scares her so she tries not to get close to anyone which makes her seem distant and cold even though she's very loving. Well when she's not psychotic.

    Description: She looks just like a vulpix, but her eyes are two different colors. One is green and the other one is blue. She usually puts her hair into pigtails and usually always wears skirts and long sweaters.

    Sexual Orientation: Straight

    View on the afterlife: She believes that there is ghost and spirits, but sadly does not believe in heaven or hell. She believes when a person has been good they get reincarnated and when they were bad they get sent back to live on earth as a ghost or spirit for the rest of their lives. Earth is hell to her.

    Strengths: She's very handy with weapons. She can decapitate a human with one swing of her double ax.

    Weaknesses: She's acts before thinking.

    Age: 16 years.

    Fears: She afraid of herself. (Mirrors, reflections, etc. Basically anything that will show her herself.)
  9. Name: Dean Salec

    Type of animal: Neko

    Personality: Usually shy and antisocial, but never hesitates to have a conversation if someone starts talking to him. If his opinion is asked for, he is usually very straightforward and honest, yet also blunt. There are occasions, however, when he is very energtic and humorous. If he ends up growing attatched to someone, he will protect them with his life. Though he often times tries not to grow attached to someone, for fear of losing them.

    Description: Brown hair with bangs that reach to his nose, but he tends to keep it brushed to the side, giving him a bit of a "Goth" look. Usually wears dark clothes, but not very often, though he is rarely seen without a black hoodie. He keeps the hood off, though, allowing his cat-like ears to show.

    Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

    View on the Afterlife: He is by no means religious, but after studying in various beliefs and religions, he does believe that something happens once a person dies. He just doesn't know what.

    Strengths: Creative, tends to form plans.

    Weakness: Many of the plans he forms either rarely work, or are extremely risky.

    Age: 18

    Fears: Losing the ones he cares about.
  10. Great... just great.... He was being offered 2.7 million dollars to stay in a hotel for seven days? There was deffinitely a catch behind this, it seemed a little too good to be true. Nevertheless, the offer piqued his curiosity. What was if that these people could be hiding...?
    Not wasting any more time thinking about it, Dean stepped out of his car and strolled inside after the others.
    "All right what's the-" He was interrupted when his shin collided loudly with an overturned nightstand, stifling a yelp and a few curses from him.
  11. Name: Zero
    Type of animal (If pokemon, make it from seasons 1-5): Jolteon
    Personallity: Quiet, thinks out loud, can seem rude at times, doesn't talk much and impatient
    Description: Zero is quite tall with bangs that cover half of his eyes like a waterfall. He wears ripped skinny jeans along with a black short sleeved shirt Also his fur is a light color and is forever shimmering
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    View on the afterlife: Zero believes that once someone died, they come back as another being. Thought at other times his beliefs switch to believing that those that die become ghosts
    Strengths: Is handy with a dagger and is swift when dodging traps or arrows
    Weaknesses: Can be clumsy at the worst possible time
    Age: Sixteen
    Fears: Looing his loved ones
  12. Zero sighed softly to himself as he stared at the hotel in front of him. He never liked staying at strange places over night so being asked to stay at that hotel for a week was out of the question. But since he needed the money he had no choice but to accept. Letting out another sigh, he pushed opened the doors and nervously stepped inside
  13. Name: Jakob Q. (he never mentions his full last name)

    Type of Animal: Cervidae (A deer-guy neko, complete with small knobbly antlers hidden under a beanie)

    Description: Stubborn and headstrong, determined, and empathetic. He is at the Grand Hollywood Hotel for the 2.5 million, not for himself, but for his younger brother who has a congenital auto-immune disorder. He hopes to win the 2.5 million so that his family can afford the expensive monthly treatments; that money would be enough for his brother to afford enough medication to live a long and fulfilling life.

    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

    View on the afterlife: He's an adherent to the concepts of reincarnation and the 'karmic wheel,' very much a Buddhist. He has a disdain for greed and avarice, valuing integrity above all, as adherence to the 'Middle Way' guarantees Nirvana.

    Strengths: He was a Little League kid, so he has an affinity for bludgeons such as blackjacks, baseball bats, maces, and mauls. His stubbornness contributes to his morale and vitality in combat, not easily wounded or otherwise broken. Large ears contribute to his situational awareness. Harbors slight ingenuity; knows how to improvise weaponry and patch up wounds with at-hand materials.

    Weaknesses: Due to his stubbornness, does not exactly know when to fight and when to run away. His ethos prevents him from betraying other people.

    Age: 19

    Fears: Treachery, Malevolent people



    Jakob stepped out of the bright yellow cab, handing a twenty dollar bill to the driver, who promptly sped off without another word, as if he was fleeing from something. Briefly puzzled for a moment at the cabbie's fear, Jakob approached the imposing, Gothic-looking structure, seeing other eccentric participants in the 'contest' filing through the double mahogany doors. He checked in with the friendly-enough receptionist, who had quite a large pair of... furry ears. Not to mention a canine-like tail that swished to and fro. Further looking at the other participants, he noticed their various other proclivities and diverse appendages, making him feel slightly more self conscious about his antlers as he absentmindedly adjusted his beanie. Seating himself in the lobby, he quietly thumbed through his smartphone, killing time. Part of him hoped that this whole contest wasn't a sick joke... and if it was, it wasn't very funny.
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  14. Accepted! At the last minute too! So, I still need to make my CS, which I will do now.

    Name: Jack
    Kind: Fox Neko
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    S/O: Straight.
    Description: Looks like the figure in picture but with a white triangular symbol on his forehead. Has a history that he keeps secret to others, making him very stubborn but at the same time, makes him very carefull about everybody else.
    View on afterlife: You eighter go to heaven or hell.
    strenths: None.
    weaknesses: Pain


    Jack looked up at the massive mansion above him. The place towered like crazy and seemed new even though he grew up in the quarters next to the place. It belonged to his family, The Rubisons. And even though him and his dad had a huge arguement with it, his dad invites him 3 years later to this place.
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  15. Zero looked around, observing his surroundings. He mentally sighed in relief when he noticed the others. So he didn't have to stay at this creepy hotel on his own. That he was glad for
  16. Jasmine looked at the mansion. "Its quite large." She looked at the others. Her fox tail flicked back and forth as she watched the people come in. She walked over to one of the guys. "Hi my name is jasmine."
  17. "I'm Zero." He replied as he stuffed his hands into the deep pockets of his black hoodie. He looked around once again to make sure that he hadn't missed anything
  18. Jakob looked up from his phone, stowing the device. He appraised the two animistic people, one more befurred than the other, who only just had fox ears and a tail. This made him significantly less self conscious. He held out his hand to the kitsune girl, in a polite offer of a handshake. "How are you both? I'm Jakob." The least he could do was be amicable, especially if they were going to be under the same roof for a week. He'd heard some rumors about the place, that it was haunted by a malevolent witch, but he didn't exactly believe in such ghost stories.
  19. "Zero." The Jolteon replied to Jakob as he turned to look at him. He pulled his phone out of his pocket, checked the time then put it away again
  20. Great... just great.... He was being offered 2.7 million dollars to stay in a hotel for seven days? There was deffinitely a catch behind this, it seemed a little too good to be true. Nevertheless, the offer piqued his curiosity. What was if that these people could be hiding...?
    Not wasting any more time thinking about it, Dean stepped out of his car and strolled inside after the others.
    "All right what's the-" He was interrupted when his shin collided loudly with an overturned nightstand, stifling a yelp and a few curses from him.
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