Rookie Rockers

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  1. It was too damn hot in here. Tim attempted to push his collar down further, and succeeded in - well - nothing. Why it was so warm, was actually quite obvious to anyone with half a brain. Fast food restaurants tended to be rife with not only disgustingly greasy foods, but also the sickening heat that went along with the frying process. At least his shift was almost over. Business had been slow at best, and by now it was a wonder the peroxide blonde hadn't developed a terrible hunchback. He wasn't exactly a model employee, though at times he was at least decent at the whole customer service thing. No doubt, soon enough he'd lose the fifth in a string of dead end jobs, but that really didn't matter. There was so much in his life that was more important.

    Later on, Timothy left his place of work, changed into boring clothes - a simple t-shirt and jeans combo, perhaps a little nineties in style, but menswear didn't really need to change very much. Certainly not for the teenage musician. In his left hand, he held a guitar case, namely a rickenbacker bass. Some might have said he was dull, but those people were just ever so slightly stupid. Well, actually, absolutely moronic.

    As always, once work finished, mister messy hair hopped on the bus and headed to the practice rooms of his college. It was about the only place where fun could be had, and for free! Tim was alone in the place, which he usually was, weekends weren't exactly a busy time for classes. So, for now Tim just set about practicing various finger exercises, wanting to ensure he kept his skills up well. He also played a few basslines, experimenting a little as he worked out how this new song would go. Working alone wasn't always ideal, particularly as this young man was a maestro of the one instrument, rather than a jack of all trades.
  2. That night seemed to be quite longer than Rachel expected it to be. After all her classes, the raven haired female had her forest green eyes stuck to her recording equipment for past five hours making all sorts of remixes and playing her keyboard inside of her dorm. She was actually one of those lucky students that didn't have a roommate and had the room all to herself, which made more for her equipment to fit in. Pushing her chair away from the computer, she picked up her guitar case that already had her acoutic-electric guitar that she had recently bought while she was visiting family in Seoul this past summer. The shape of the guitar really caught her attention the most and she knew she had to have it.

    Slipping the case over her arm, Rachel picked up her jacket and umbrella, she headed out of her dorm towards the cafe nearby that she played at every now and then. Stepping into the cafe and greeting the owner, she asked him when would be good time to go up to stage. The owner did enjoy having Rachel there because Rachel reminded her of a niece that she didn't get to see very often. "You can go up in an hour, other than that, let me make you a drink. On the house." The owner said as she went to make Rachel a latte that she absolutely was obsessed with. "You know you should dress up a little more when you come to perform." She stated. Rachel looked down at her attire wondering why. Wearing a pair of black tight jeans, white v-neck shirt and knee high black heeled boots with her leather biker jacket sitting on the chair next to her in case she got cold. "I look fine, it's not like I'm trying to dress up for anyone." Rachel replied.