Romney wants airplane windows to roll down.

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  1. ..... I already read this once before, but I'm feeling very angry again. Please don't let him run our country, for the love of churros.
  2. Airplane windows?

  3. Lololol that is some strong weed he's smoking. Smh.

    Let him personally fund one plane with them, go on a flight with it and all closest to his gene pool, and then let them open the windows at 60,000 feet over the mid atlantic.

    Sounds like a great idea to me.
  5. OwO

    I feel ashamed he shares my name.....

    -flees to push him off a cliff!-
  6. Well, how else are the passengers supposed to get their Sonic burgers?

    *is now an American, making American jokes* :]
  7. Romeny is the worst thing that can happen to this country (this is my personal opinion and I won't condemn anyone for having a different/opposing one). He wants to take away women's rights and now he wants windows rolled down on airplanes? Has he looked into the science in that? A. It would create drag B. It might create a wind chill colder then most people can handle because of the altitude and if anything the sound alone from both the plane and the air current going through the window would hurt ears and create them to pop, which the only safe time to pop your ears is under water and a good depth. I understand that he wants it because of a fire hazard, but that's why we have emergency exists and para-shoots. True, roll down windows could have it's advantages, but they could also pose some pretty bad ones as well. While they can pose as an exit of escape, they can also be a benefactor for a backdraft in a fire. You have more oxygen coming in, and in a small space. Once flames hit that oxygen it's kaboom.

    Romeny didn't think this through.
  8. I dunno, that does seem like a fairly cool idea.
  9. The animatronics on Ann Romney are really good too.
  10. Everyone in this thread (except Darkness) sounds jealous cause they ain't got that Mitt-Money :P
  11. Hey, let's look at the bright side. If Romney does get elected... Well, we know how to cull the populations of assholes now!
  12. At least he didn't ask why airplanes don't have someplace on the roof to store dog crates. ._.
  13. I have no idea if this is serious or not, but even as a joke, this is going a bit too far I think. I am now going to retreat to my happy place and think about what Romney has done... or alternatively, converse with a brick wall by repeadately banging my head on it. Both sound to be extraordinarily wonderful activities.
  14. "...."
    "That guys almost more of a 'tard than Obama."
  15. Opening the windows on the plan would distort the cabin pressure, as was said.

    It also could create more than drag- wouldn't it create a bit of suction?

    That ain't safe man, no way.
  16. Why aren't more reporters trolling this guy? I can't decide if this is the most lol or facepalm election ever (both?). Time to get some popcorn!