Romeo & Juliet; Kaname & Mia (Kirisuna X MoonStar)

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  2. (Aw! This is so adorable!)

    It was quire a few months back when Mia had found out she was pregnant. She had rushed over to him, exclaiming with her pregnancy test that was clearly positive in her hands.

    "I'm pregnant Kaname, I'm pregnant!" She says excitedly, pulling him into a hug. That day was so amazing and she would never forget it, the feeling of carrying life, which would grow into a beautiful baby and she'd give birth to that baby in nine months was wonderful, she'd be able to care and look after her beautiful baby.

    That was months ago. Today marked her fifth month through. She had already developed a bump and was excited each month. Her eyes opened when morning dawned and she stretches. She gives her eyes a few minutes to adjust. She looks down at her bump and rubs it gently, in loving and comforting manner.

    "Good morning" She tells her bump quietly. "We have another day ahead of us!"
  3. For a pregnant woman, Mia sure was very energetic. Luckily, Kaname had the energy to keep up. With a child on the way, Kaname was doing his best to stay out of trouble, having recently stopped street racing because he worried more about Mia and their child. The fact that he was going to be a Father soon was still a shock, because he was so young. His entire family however, was very happy for him. This morning, he had gotten up early to make his Wife some breakfast, something nourishing for her and the baby. Often, he went out of his way to ensure that her pregnancy was going well, with little complications. He came into the room to see that she was awake and nothing made him smile more. He brought her breakfast, consisting of her favorite food, of course, no Alcohol or any ingredients that are considered dangerous for the baby. As he sat the tray in front of her, the food still fresh. "Morning honey, I made you some breakfast."

    He smiled and kissed her forehead. Luckily his Father gave him the day off so he could take care of Mia. "I have the day off today. So we have the whole day to ourselves."
  4. Mia looks up and smiles at Kaname. "Morning! Thank you for making me breakfast" She says and kissing him, taking the tray and beginning to eat. She smiles and nodded. "It's great you have the day off! I really miss you at work, all I do is sit around!" She giggles softly and finished eating, taking her tray and slowly walking downstairs to wash the dishes.

    "What do you want to do today?" She asks, washing the plates and cups, then the cuttlery.
  5. After she finished washing the dishes, Kaname put his hands on her hips. "I dunno, honey." He kissed her on the cheek before placing his hand on her ever-growing belly. "Whatever makes you happy. A walk on the beach...Some time at the Park. Whatever you want." He said, smiling.

    He ran his fingers through her hair. "If you want to get out of the house...We can do that." He said as their foreheads touched.
  6. Mia thought for a while and then claps her hands in excitement. "The fair!" She exclaims. She remembered that an awesome fair was open nearby. "We can go on all of the cool rides, like the ones that go straight up to the top and drop down when you least expect it..." Her face drops lightly and she bit her lip. "Not today though, not with our baby on the way". She says.

    Her face quickly lit up again. "Ooh, they have all of these fun stalls, though! Where you can win prizes!" She says excitedly.
  7. Kaname thought for a moment. "Okay, we can do that than! Hopefully the little one will agree." He chuckled. "I'm sure there will be plenty for us to do."

    Hopefully she was okay with walking and standing for an extensive period of time, because Kaname knew that it was tough for a pregnant woman to do so for a long amount of time before having to sit down and rest. As long as she was happy, he was too. Afterwards the two went to go get ready. Seeing the type of day it was outside, Kaname just grabbed a simple outfit; a pair of Jeans and a Polo, or at least something that would help look like an Expecting Father. Though it probably doesn't matter all too much. The Gender of the baby didn't matter much to him either. Son or Daughter, he will love him or her with all his heart. After putting on his Watch, he went downstairs and waited patiently for her.
  8. Mia took a shower and then got dressed. She slipped on a maternity dress which was blue with white spots which reached up to her knees and slipped on some tights as she knew it was getting pretty cold. She grabbed her coat and goes downstairs, seeming pretty excited to go to the fair.

    "I'm ready now!" She says as she got downstairs and slipped on some shoes. She places her hand in his and then kisses him. Her hair was down and brushed, it was growing a lot recently and was reaching her back. She loved having long hair, and putting ribbons and bows to access toes. She had her hair in a half up, half down with a ribbon tied.
  9. "You look very beautiful, sweetheart." Kaname smiled, kissing her as they left the house and quietly got in the car. Honestly, nothing made Kaname more happier then Mia being happy. Of course, because she didn't like loud noises, he just used his Daily Driver, which was just a Honda Accord, particularly a Sedan. He was going to trade this car in soon for a more Family-Friendly Car, like a Tesla or something. Coming from a Wealthy Family has its perks. He was already saving as much as he could so they can go shopping for the baby because within the next month or so, Mia was going to start nesting, or so his Mother warned.

    It didn't take them long to get to the Fair which wasn't far from them. After paying to get in, Kaname wondered where to start. While wondering what to do, Kaname simply got behind his wife and just embraced, his hands grasping her belly and feeling the material of her dress as he rested his chin on her shoulder. "So what's first, sweetie?"
  10. Mia shuts the car door and then smiles, placing her head against his shoulder, leaning gently on him. "Hmmm... Ooh! How about we go to one of those stalls where you can win prizes? We could try and win each other something, they have those super cute supersized teddy bears too!" She says happily and took hold of his hand again, prodding him in the direction to the stall.

    She digs in her shoulder purse, giving the stall holder some money so both of them could have a go each. "Want to go first?" She asks him, happily, whilst smiling warmly at her husband.
  11. "Sure! We can do that." Kaname smiled as she took him over to the designated stall. Of course, whatever he would end up winning, would go to either her or their little one. "You can go first. I'll go after you." He said generously.

    He adjusted his shirt collar and waited patiently as she attempted to go for her prize.
  12. Mia smiles and then watches him. She was glad that they were spending time together, she was having a great time. She soon began to feel an aching sensation in her legs. She tried to push it to the back of her mind as she leans against Kaname to steady herself.

    "I hope you win something!" She says cheerily.
  13. "I hope so too. For you and the little one." He smiled. Although he did not win one of the giant prizes, though it wasn't like he wanted to, he received two smaller stuffed animals. He was happy because he wouldn't have to carry it all the way to the car. As they started leaving, Kaname felt her leaning towards him. He did everything he could to keep her standing. "Honey, are you feeling okay?" He asked, worried, because she seemed like she was in pain. He wrapped his arm around her waist and looked down at her. "Do you need to rest for a bit?" he then asked, adding to his previous question.
  14. Mia shook her head and placed a smile on her lips as she steadied herself back up again. "No, I'm fine. Well done! Okay, my turn!" She says happily. After a short few seconds she finally one a prize. It was a large stuffed teddy bear, she was so happy as she took it and cuddled it in her arms. She left the stall and thanked the person running it. She sat down for a few moments and then felt something drop on her nose, it felt like water. It was going to rain for sure. She watches as the rain came flying down, and then after a few moments a large noise could be heard from above. Thunder. She dug into her purse and pulled out her ear muffs. She hated thunder. Thunders and lightning combined made the loudest noise combination. She began to shake.
  15. Seeing that there was a Thunderstorm coming in, Kaname felt bad for not checking the Weather Forecast. When she put on a pair of Earmuffs, Kaname frowned as he looked up at the sky, seeing lightning flashes and the roar of thunder, which he hated. Kaname then held her close, knowing that his poor wife had Astraphobia, a fear of Thunder and Lightning. He sighed as they got into a shade spot to shield them from the rain. They had only just gotten there too. "Would you like to go home and relax, sweetheart?" He asked, hoping that she could hear him. To help her relax, they would sit down at a nearby bench.

    He didn't want to put her through Thunder and Lightning for the rest of the day. Really, Kaname just wanted her to be comfortable and relaxed, because he knew that stress can lead to premature labor, which he didn't want her to go through, since it can cause some health complications for the baby. He gently rubbed her back as they looked at the incoming heavy rain.
  16. Mia looks over at Kaname, and then looks up at the rain. She jumped every time there was a flash and bang of thunder and lighting, and clutched her ear muffs. She could barely talk as she shivered, her legs wobbling ever so slightly until she looks back at Kaname, fear was clearly her emotion as her face was dropped, and she was clearly nervous and frightened as she continued to shiver, her legs still wobbling. She made quick movements then, rushing towards to direction of the car, which was of course the wrong direction, she was so scared she could barely even think straight.
  17. The Astraphobia was terrible, when she freaked out and just left. Kaname tried to calm her down before taking her back to the car and attempted to comfort her as he opened the car door for her. Sadly, their relaxing day went south. As soon as they arrived home, Kaname did his best to be patient, because lashing out at her might just make things worse. After taking her inside, he took their things and just put them in the Closet until he could decide on what to do with them. Finally, he took her to the Living Room of their home.

    By then it was raining heavily. As he sat in the Living Room, he started giving her a back rub to help keep her calm and relieve any backache if she had any. Every time she would panic though, he just tried to comfort her and keep her calm so she doesn't induce labor prematurely, even if it was too early for him to be worrying about that. "Honey, I'm sorry...I...I should have checked the weather forecast.
  18. Mia nods and still looked slightly frightened. "It's. It's. It's. It's. It's fine" She says finally. When she thought the thunder was over for just a few minutes it started back again and she jumped and quickly moved to go upstairs to their bedroom. She opens their closet door and goes inside, it was very specious and she shut the door, sitting down quietly as she hoped the thunder wouldn't be as loud in the closet.
  19. Kaname sighed before following her up to the bedroom. Perhaps his methods weren't as efficient as he had thought. What made her so afraid of Thunder and Lightning? She had it since they met too, even before that. He opened the closet door and sat down with her. "Babe, you don't have to be afraid. I'm right here with you. And honestly, you're scaring me. Please, calm down." he gave her an apologetic look before just pulling her into a hug, hoping it would keep her calm. Hopefully the storm would pass before they go to bed.
  20. Mia looks over at him and then hugs him back. "I'm sorry, I'm just really frightened" She says quietly, placing her head onto his chest. Soon, after ten minutes she heard the rain stop and the thunder and lightning stop completely. She stood up and then goes over to the bedroom window just to check, and it had stopped. She was glad. "The rain has stopped!" She says, cheerful again.
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