Romeo and Juliet Ver. 20.13

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  1. Juliet awoke to her dimly lit room and she groaned gently, rolling over in her king-size bed, making it sway gently on the thick chains it was hanging from. She sat up, her feet swinging over the edge to dangle a bit, her tangle of straight hay-colored hair toppling over to one side of her fair face as she looked around with groggy storm-blue eyes. She heard the pitter-patter of rain and voices shrilling throughout the mansion. Her mother's party was today, and she was dreading it. How odd, to have a full-blown costume party in the middle of February... She sighed, slipping from her still swinging bed and her bare feet were cuddled by the lush softness of her pink carpet. She looked to her wall and saw herself in the mirror. Holding back a laugh, she smiled to herself and made her way to the attatched bathroom. Nurse had already run her bath, and it was still quite warm. She stripped and slipped in, letting her head sink under the calming lavendar-scented water, the sounds around her both magnifying and muffling themselves. She closed her eyes, let her mind wander until she heard Nurse calling for her outside the room. She sat back up, her hair falling straight down her back and she called out.

    "I am awake, who is calling for me?"

    Nurse explained her mother was looking for her, ready to speak with her about her life. Juliet let out a sigh and slid back down into the water. The last thing she wanted was to be yelled at by her mother, a woman who couldn't even stand up for her own self against a drunkard who beat her nearly every night. She hurried and washed herself then slid from the bath and donned her long silken robe, pulling her hair up into a towel and slipping from the bathroom, wandering through her room and out into the hall.
  2. Romeo as always was working in his father's office getting paper work done for the upcoming evening. The news was on low, out of the corner of his eye he saw his cousins being reported again for another gang act. "Oh no, not again." he said to himself. "Father would be pissed."

    Downstairs Romeo's father was also watching the news, "Romeo! Get down here." At the sound of his father's voice Romeo came downstairs immediately. "Yes, father?"

    "You're cousins are at it again, "I'm going to need you to bail them out and make sure they don't do this again. Too much is on the line and at stake here." Romeo nodded and left to go back to work.
  3. Juliet found her mother in her room, setting at her mirror as usual, applying far too much makeup. She had on a Cleopatra costume, her hair slicked back into a wig cap and she turned to Juliet and Nurse, who stood behind the girl.

    "Juliet! Nurse, leave us!"

    Nurse turned to leave, but Lady Capulet stood.

    "Nurse, stay, I just remembered I can trust you with our secrets. You know how young my daughter is, yes?"

    Nurse nodded, mentioning that she knew Juliet's age down to the hour and Juliet just stood there, looking from one woman to the other as they exchanged words. Why was she here if her mother just wanted to talk to Nurse? That woman never made any sense. It wasn't until her mother turned to her that she straightened up, trying to look as proper as possible.

    "Juliet, what are your thoughts on marriage?"

    Marriage, good god, she's only 17! She raised an eyebrow and spoke, her voice a bit harsh.

    "It's an honor I do not dream of, mother."

    Her mother's face went pale and she narrowed her eyes a bit. She was a woman who believed in marriage early, and she wanted grandchildren now. Juliet had been through this talk a few times already this year, but what came next shocked the air right from her body.

    "Well, start thinking about marriage now. Here in Verona there are girls younger than you—girls from noble families—who have already become mothers. By my count, I was already your mother at just about your age, while you remain a virgin. Well then, I’ll say this quickly: the valiant Paris wants you as his bride."

    Paris? Oh lord, that overbloated airhead? She truely didn't personally know him, but he just... he was on the cover of every magazine, in every commercial... he just wanted limelight. She began to rebuttle her mother by spitting venom, but the woman continued on.

    "What do you say? Can you love this gentleman? Tonight you’ll see him at our feast. Study Paris’s face and find pleasure in his beauty. Examine every line of his features and see how they work together to make him handsome. If you are confused, just look into his eyes. This man is single, and he lacks only a bride to make him perfect and complete. As is right, fish live in the sea, and it’s wrong for a beauty like you to hide from a handsome man like him. Many people think he’s handsome, and whoever becomes his bride will be just as admired. You would share all that he possesses, and by having him, you would lose nothing."

    By having him, Juliet would lose her sanity. Her soul. Indeed she would lose everything. She sighed and spoke through clenched jaw.

    "I’ll look at him and try to like him, at least if what I see is likable. But I won’t let myself fall for him any more than your permission allows..."

    At that moment, the butler entered, announcing that the guests had arrived and the count was waiting for Juliet. Her mother turned to her, shooing her away and she stormed out and back to her room to begrudgingly dress. She hoped this man was revolting. She hoped he'd hate her so she wouldn't have to go through with this. But she would act polite and dignified, as she always did.
  4. "What are my cousins doing? They're ruining the family's name and business." he thought to himself as he finished working. Just then his phone rang.


    "I'm in jail, can you bail me out. They're asking for a grand."

    Romeo sighs deeply, not happy about this situation "I'll be there as soon as I can." and hung up. He had to do this secretly without his father knowing. Going to his safe in the office Romeo took out some money, went downstairs, out the backdoor, to the garage to his car and drive to the jailhouse.

    "Romeo, thank god." said Mauricio surprised that he actually came to his aid along with the others

    "Yea, yea. Here's the money to them bail out." handing it over the captain of the police force. "You are free to go." he said as the other officer opened the cells to them out.

    "Keep on them eye, Romeo." said one of the officers in hushed tones and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Next time, we won't be so easy."

    Romeo nodded and left the jailhouse to take them back home.


    Paris was waiting outside the Capulet's home waiting for the butler to let him in. Once the door opened he stepped inside and admired the home. "Beautiful" he said softly handing the butler his hat and coat. He started to mingle with other guests as he waited for Juliet. He wanted to ask her hand in marriage since his father is the mayor and knew that Capulet's had a lot of money since her father was a big-time business mogul. In his eyes Juliet was the most beautiful female he has ever seen and didn't want any one else. Also because he didn't want to ruin his family's name.