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  1. So my wife and I are vacationing in Rome for the next week. We just landed, wandered the town, and then checked into the hotel.

    So far, its basically as grimy as Chicago, but with more history, smells less, has more cigarette smoke, does about as much jaywalking as Chicago, and people are either really awesome or completely bored with you.

    So far, we're loving it down here. It seems less crowded than it looked in, say, Roman Holiday, but just as beautiful to look at.

    I'm passively scanning everything (as any good Parkour traceur would), and holy shit, I found so many places to do flows. Every one of them would get me deported, but it would be worth it.

    And the architecture here is friggin' hardcore. I don't think any of this stuff would break if I were to do flows on any of it.

    Also, once the pedestrian traffic sets in, the small sidewalks do get kind of packed. I figure Europeans founded Parkour in order to avoid sidewalk traffic.

    Anyone else been to Rome? Any places/ristorantes I should check out?

    BTW, I'm more of a sightseer than anything else. I like to absorb culture by looking at architecture, listening to language, and just exploring the area.

    But my personal favorite thing to do while traveling?

    Eating local stuff.

    All the local stuff.

    All, Of. It.

    So, suggestions?
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  3. Finish what Nero started.
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  4. So, he should kill his mother?
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  5. Only of he wants to really immerse himself, kind of like fiddle lessons wouldn't hurt, but city wide fires he may or may have had anything to do with is where it's at.

    When in Rome, do as the fucking insane rulers do.
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  6. He should also make sure that his mom doesn't know how to swim. Nero made a boat that would fall apart and drown her, and the bitch swam back to shore.

    Also, for immersion, he should ban taxes.
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  7. [​IMG]

    I'll finish Nero off instead. Hurr hurr hurr

    @Fate stay night fans

    @Gwazi Magnum


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  8. You clearly know what's up.
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  9. I've studied Roman History a bunch. It's a favorite time period of mine. I even take Latin class.
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  10. Fate/Extra.
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  11. small details.

    especially when the only detail that matters is RACKS

    oh, and contribute to my vacation, dammit!
  12. My favorite part about Rome is despite how many civil wars and political assassinations and other backstabbing shennanigans they got up to, it lasted a pretty crazy length of time.
  13. My grandparents and cousins live in Rome, so I can assure you this: Roman pizza is the best pizza. Eat it. Eat the damn pizza. You won't regret it.

    Trust me, my taste in pizza is impeccable.
  14. Do someone thing silly and then yell at the people "Are you not entertained!?"?
    Looks like the same Saber, but isn't the same Saber that I like. :P
  15. One of the reasons Rome's layout is so wonky is that the city was burned to the ground by Gauls nearly 2500 years ago. Rather than finding another city, the people just dropped their things where they stood and built houses from there. They then had to create haphazard streets after the fact.

    I know of a few good sites outside of the city than are often empty. And you can always finish what Alaric started.
  16. Better yet, ask for pineapple on the pizza.

    Watch as their little Italian souls wither and die.
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  17. Try not to get pickpocketed.
  18. When in Rome, make like Hannibal.
    i.e. ravage the countryside completely and admire the actual city from afar, like a true gentleman.
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  19. Spent all day at the Vatican, which is apparently its own country with its own minted currency (though everyone still uses Euros; if they didn't, the Vatican would be real dicks).

    Saw the Cappella Sistina, Saint Peters, lots of paintings by Raphael, ate some gelato, and laughed when my wife's attempt to purchase some super-expensive handbag didn't go through.

    And our hotel is fucking awesome, too. They give all the guests a "butler service." Unfortunately, ours is a pretty Italian lady and not Alfred Pennyworth. She brought us some amazing complimentary coffee, but no batarangs.

    Also, the Vatican is surrounded by these super high stone walls. But they put this ledge only about, oh, 10-12 feet above ground. Its for aesthetics. But I can totally wall-run up to that, go into cat position on the ledge, and just make my way over to where the wall gets shorter and get over.

    The Vatican's wall basically said to me, "Come at me, bro," and I'm thinking, "PRACTICING PARKOUR!...oh wait, it'd be bad if I get deported...."

    Moral of the story: I didn't get deported.

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