Romantic Tragedy (Male Character Needed) OPEN

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  1. I must do this roleplay. I must do this plot idea. However, a few rules need to be set in stone before I bring any information up.

    1.) I will only do this with those who have the advanced posting expectations.

    2.) I will only roleplay this plot idea with those who are 18+ only because of the content I intend for this to have.

    3.) No one-liners or semi-paragraphs. A full paragraph is five sentences. Novella replies are not encouraged.

    4.) Quality over quantity. There should be lots of detail and little to no "fluff" posts.

    5.) I expect you to take up NPCs and secondary characters because this will simultaneously take place in two settings- battlefield and home.

    6.) I expect you to have high knowledge of the time period and army.

    7.) I expect you to post at least once a week at the bare minimum.

    8.) Communicate out of character. Are you going to be gone for more than a few weeks? Let me know. Do you have any ideas for the roleplay? Fire me up! Without communication, it is impossible to give this roleplay the best it can be.

    9.) Basic character sheets are required. I do have a few specifics I want the male role to be in so be aware of that.

    10.) No fancy posting please. Unless you are a wiz at making character banners, colored fieldsets and text are out of the question.

    11.) Let me know down below if you're interested. I will check out your roleplay resume and roleplay posts for writing skills as a whole.

    On to the roleplay idea...


    Military Soldier (Male) x Military Spouse (Female)


    World War I, World War II, Vietnam War

    Content Rating

    Graphic Violence, It's a Kissing Book, Buckets of Tears, Sexual Themes, Pre-Made Characters, Strict Rules, Religious Themes, Character Death, Language: Mild, Mental Illness, 18+ Only


    Romantic Tragedy inspired by Hand of Sorrow by Within Temptation


    Serious, Dramatic

    Basic Plot

    A young man enlists in the war at 18 years old, leaving his fiancee behind, in order to fight for the honour of his country. The two keep in touch by writing letters back and forth, but one day, the fiancee stops receiving letters. This brings about conflict within the fiancee, but she remains optimistic about her fiance's return from the battlefield. A couple years have passed and the army troops have arrived back home. Everyone is in joy and tears, but she is feeling otherwise after learning of the tragic reality that her fiance would never be returning home.
  2. Interested. Message me if you want to hash out the details.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.