Romantic Suspense

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  1. I would like to do an erotica (romantic suspense) roleplay. I would be the submissive character, being around 20-25 years old. I'd prefer your character to be a minimum of 27 years old, but no older than 30. I like age difference, but not big differences. I'd also prefer if my partner was experienced and detailed in doing Yuri roleplaying, that way I can get a grasp on what it's like. I do not mind if I do a boy x girl either. At least two paragraphs are required and extensive vocabulary, varied sentence structure, and lots of detail. DO NOT make your posts just about the sex when that comes around, but more of the emotions tied in, since that's what erotica is focused on. Thanks!

    Here are some ideas for pairings:
    • Teacher x Student (preferred) Taken by Blood
    • Prestigious Student x Rebellious Student
    • Band Member x Band Member
    • Singer x Band Manager
    • Kidnapper x Kidnapped (preferred)
    • Best friend x Best friend (preferred)
    • Best friend x Best friend's older sibling
    • Friends with Benefits (preferred)
    • Girlfriend x Lover's sibling
    • Police Officer x Police Officer
    • Boss x Employee (preferred)
    Bold are the roles I'd like to play.
  2. I can do teacher x student
    who would play teacher & student role? I'm good with both
    i can also do all the other preferred ones except the kidnapper x kidnapped
  3. I'd be the student. (:
  4. That's perfect for me, unless you had other ideas in mind.
  5. What do you mean?
  6. I mean unless you wanted to do another plot.
  7. Well, these aren't plots, just different types of pairings. I put my preferred ones up and you said you could do the teacher x student, so we'll do the teacher x student. If you want, I don't mind doing more than one, but that part is solely up to you.