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Hello there,

I am looking for partners to roleplay with. I have a few requirements.

  • You don't have to be the next Great American Novelist but please have good grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  • Try your best to keep a good plot going. Meaning don't give me three paragraphs with nothing for me to work with. I will always try to match my partner and give meat to the story please do the same.
  • 3-5 paragraphs a post
  • Good plot not a ton of smut
  • No God-modding. You would think that one goes without saying but I have met too many people who do just that.
My no go's include (during sex) death, blood, anything involving fecal matter or urine.


  • Harry Potter
    • Draco/OC
    • Lily/James
    • Remus/OC
  • Divergent
    • Tris/Four
    • Four/OC
    • Tris/OC
  • Inuyasha
    • Sesshomaru/ Kagome
    • Inuyasha/Kagome
    • Miroku/OC
    • Sesshmaru/OC
  • Hunger Games
    • Peta/Katniss
  • Zelda
    • Link/OC
    • Link/Malon
    • Link/Saria
    • Zelda/OC
    • Saria/OC
  • Final Fantasy
    • Squall (Leon)/Rinoa
    • Zidane/Garnet
    • Yuna/Tidus
    • Rikku/OC
    • Yuna/OC
    • Garnet/OC
    • Selphie/Zell
    • Selphie/Seifer
  • Historical
    • To Medieval or Renaissance
      • Princess/Prince
      • Lord/Lady
      • Lady/Highwayman
      • Lady/Pirate
      • Lord/Charge
  • Fantasy
    • Vampire/Human
    • Vampire/Elf
    • Vampire/Hunter
    • Elf/Human
    • Elf/Fairy
  • Time Travel
    • Present to Past
    • Past to Present
If interested in any of the rps I have listed just send me a pm. Happy roleplay hunting.
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Hello! I'm interested in the following pairings:
  • Medieval
    • Lady/Highwayman
    • Lady/Pirate
    • Lord/Charge
  • Fantasy
    • Vampire/Human
    • Vampire/Hunter
    • Elf/Human
  • Time Travel
    • Present to Past
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