Romantic Pains

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  1. ---Just tell me if you want an OOC thread to discuss stuff on. I figured we could do most of that through PM (since it actually alerts me) Also, I hope this is obviously enough a rave of sorts. xD

    Lex bit down on her lip, her eyes half closed from all the booze coursing through her system. She was crashing.. Crashing hard. The bright lights flashed all around her though she paid them little attention as she flung her arms and legs this way and that in the middle of the dancing mob. Her long, fading blonde hair swung in her face but the girl blew it away or grabbed it with her fingers and painfully tugged it away. It had been ages since Lex had been this intoxicated and dressed like this.. Her tank top had long tears down the sides, revealing the side of her body from her arm pit to the top of her hip bone. The shirt itself was a simple black and her pants where a bright blue, stretchy material with black patched up holes. As for shoes, she wore knee high black boots that matched well with the rest of her attire.

    Her friends had long since left the scene of Lex's drunken stumbling to let her dance to her heart's content. She was struggling and this was a very odd sort of therapy to her friends. They also knew it was doubtful Lex would remember most of this the next morning.

    The girl was now stumbling away from the giant mosh of people to a nearby bar where she yelled at the bartender, "Can I get.. a little something. I don't really care what. I just.." Her eyes glanced back at the crowd, "A shot." She looked back at the bartender with a giggle, "I just need a shot then I need to go dance again!" She threw her arms up in the air and nearly fell over as she waited for her shot at the bar.
  2. The music was pulsing loud and moving everyone in the club to it's hypnotic rhythm. People swayed and turned as the danced on the floor. All sorts dancing and drinking what ever cares they had away. One man sat at the bar, watching it all unfold for now. Normally he'd be in the midst of that crowd, chasing the prettiest girls and dancing close to them. But his heavy heart was blocking him from truly letting go. For now Dameyen needed to lighten the load. Meaning drink to the point where he was numb. He was sure his best friend would scold him later for going to the club and getting trashed but he didn't seem to care at this point.

    The bartender turned to get him another drink, as he waited he ran his hand through his lengthy but spiky dyed green hair. Scratching the small amount of facial hair on his chin as he bobbed his head to the music. The tags on his purple dog collar jingled slightly as he bounced. Dameyen was the sort that fit in with the punk or skater crowd although he was slightly older, sporting eye brow piercings and hoop ear rings in his ears. Dameyen skin was tan, what one would expect someone to look like when they spent quite a bit of time in the sun, with a round freckled face and arms. His button up tie-dye shirt matched his loud hair style and khaki tan cargo pants. He tapped his converse shoes to the music as he grabbed his shot glass.

    His pale brown eyes glanced over at the very pretty woman coming next to him. He smiled at her antics but he chuckled as she said she needed to dance again. "If you're sexy and you know it put your hands up in the air. Put your hands up in the air, girl, put your hands up." He said with a chuckle as he threw his arms up in the air with her. He raised his glass to her. "Turn up the music, just turn it up louder. Turn up the music, I need it in my life, yeah!" He said drinking back the shot and pushing it back to the bartender.
  3. Lex spun on her heel quickly when she heard the man next to him saying something about putting her hands in the air. She stumbled over to him and poked him harshly on the shoulder then leaned back, putting all her weight on her hips, "What're you tryin' to say?!" The girl listened closely while he spoke of turning the music up and her eyes shot back to the dance floor, "Louder??" Her gaze turned back to the man once again and her jaw opened slightly, "I don't think you need more music.. Mr.." She hesitated for a moment, looking him up and down, "Mr. Tyler!" She declared her new name for this stranger with a stumble of join which ended in her grabbing onto this man's shoulder to balance herself again.

    She pushed all her weight onto the bar and set her chin on the cool glass, "I need.. My drink. Damnit." Lex rubbed at her eyes and then suddenly shot back up into a standing position, "Tyyyyler." she grinned deviously at Dameyen and placed a hand on his shoulder, "We should go dance!" Her hand slid away from his body while her eyes stared at the bar longingly, "Cause I don't think this bartender is gonna get me my drink." The rolled her eyes and let her head hand to one side while she waited for Dameyen's response.
  4. Dameyen kept the charming grin as she looked him over, laughing a little when she named him. Tyler wasn't such a bad name, he decided in his drunken state. Seeing as he had been called worse. She grabbed him by the shoulder and slumped herself on the bar. A woman in this state was a target, she could end up hurt if she became prey for the wrong guy. Although Dameyen came to get seduced by the booze in his veins and nothing more, he simply couldn't let someone so pretty become a victim.

    "I maybe drunk myself Ms... Alice." Alice, because she looked a bit lost in her drunken stupor. Chasing the white rabbit known as booze. She'd given him a name thus he gave her one. He watched her with amusement as she abruptly turned towards him. He turned towards her fully as she exclaimed his given name. Leaning in closer when she placed her hand on his shoulder. "We should go dance." He said with a nod his hand raising to catch her's gently as it slid from his body. "I've got no where to go but here." He said as he stood up. "To the dance floor! I got the reins... Let's go!" He said in an excited tone as he tugged her gently to the floor. He quickly picked up the rhythm of the music and began to dance and sway to the music.
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