Romantic one on one posts

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  1. So how detailed in the one on one rps can someone get in their posts? Er..."romance" wise. Know what I mean? PG, PG13, R, XXX???
  2. First call it what it is. You want to know how explicit you can make your sex scenes. As I was reminded yesterday, in the rules it's stated the site wants to keep the unwarned, unhidden smut at PG-13. Beyond that you should use the spoiler tags or just take it to the mature forum. If you're underage please don't make things awkward for the staff.
  3. *Points at what Ocha said!

    You can get as detailed as you want!

    BUT: If you post sex scenes in the open forums, you need to use a spoiler code to hide it with a warning.

    Otherwise: If you are doing a pure smut roleplay, you would post it in Mature. 8D It's for members 16+ and everyone knows what is in there.
  4. Sounds good! I put a warning on it. :)