Romantic Ideas?

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  1. Hey! How is everyone doing?

    I like adventures, romance, comedy, some horror, violent, mysteries, realistic, fantasy, Sci Fi, and of course magic.

    Western, Medieval, Present timing (2014 theme), the future, etc.

    Like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

    1.) M/m, f/f, and f/m on any of these plots are totally fine with me. :)

    2.) Be nice to literacy! Please, limited grammar and spelling mistakes. I'd also prefer if you could at least post more than one paragraph than one sentence replies. So no one sentences replies for role play.

    3.) Don't be mean and say you will roleplay with me, but then you don't reply to the role plays at all. I like to reply when I can, and mostly reply more on the weekends. But I know we're all busy with our lives or sometimes we get a bit of a writer's block. Just let me know when you are busy please and I'll understand.

    4.) Even though I don't know you, I would like to get to know you. I'd like to be able to talk to you on occasionally as well.

    5.) I would prefer Pirate Messaging.

    The Plots/ Role Play Ideas:

    1.) Teacher and Student: The student who always shows late for social studies class, and then always spends a day after school with the teacher. Then after one day finished up staying after school, he caught his teacher ***** and the student never looked at the teacher the same way again the next day. He slowly started to fall in love with the teacher.
    For that I thought it would like a total artho lizard sorta deal, meaning lizards half human ya know.
    Ex: [​IMG] (By the way not my picture, belongs to someone else and just using it as an example.)
    2.) The Baker and The Sexy, Mysterious Cheetah woman (M/F): A triceratops (Triceration) owns his own bakery, and has a crew to help him make awesome, delicious cakes and to help maintain his business. The own of it is a lizard guy. A short and slightly chubby dragon man who falls in love for one of his own clients.

    That's all I got for now. But if I come up with more, I'll let all of you know and or update it on here.

    Looking forward to hearing from all of you! ^V^
  2. Hello! I was wondering if you would be interested doing a medieval roleplay? I haven't roleplayed in a while and i want to get back into roleplaying.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.