Romantic Bullcrap, an LGBT web of lies.

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  1. Romance, Slice of Life, all that blah... There's so many of these roleplays out there, but amazingly, they're all SUUUUUPER fun with the correct writers involved. They also tend to be a lot better if the drama has some twists and turns that you haven't seen in awhile. Some people like throwing drug cartels in the midst, or whore houses, or anything else!~ I personally like throwing characters in increasingly dramatic events that can sometimes claim lives, limbs, and brains... I watch too much Grey's Anatomy!~

    The plans I have for this roleplay revolve around 10 characters with predetermined themes, each will have their own hopes and dreams determined by the players involved, they just have a certain theme to deal with! The purpose of this is to ask roleplayers to come up with a wildly original character while given a specific theme, sort of like a design challenge. Roleplay is considered by most as a way to escape reality or to explore different aspects of humanity by becoming someone completely new! I'd like to play to those fantasies~

    Each character in this roleplay will be in the LGBT community in a world where they aren't wildly accepted, Texas. In the average town of Hope, Texas, these 10 young adults are at various points of life between the ages of 20 and 30, each has to struggle with the lack of like-minded people and find themselves in solace with each other, though they may not know all of each other right now, or ever.

    Characters have predetermined relationships at the beginning of the RP but players can choose to break up those relationships and form others however they want, with realistic repercussions. Players can choose to add more relationships prior to the RP with the permission of whomever owns it! More details on the plot will be determined in the actual IC/OOC thread, and they will be added onto as characters get written up and submitted, so as to play to dynamics.

    The following are the characters and their themes (Indicates GM Owned):
    • Catty Gayby the hot flirty homo,
    • Cuddlepunk Lesbian the vibrant, demented homo,
    • Edgy Trashbin the one scemo friend we all have and hate,
    • Hopeless Dorkzilla the the party animal with no social skills,
    • Jacked Feminist the Ex-football MTF,
    • Neurofanboy the autistic but the go to guru of all things logical and sci-fi,
    • Pop Princess Goes Trashcore(PPGT) the high school cheerleader turned trashcan tumblrqueen,
    • Prince Mushyface the weaboo trash in cute kneesocks,
    • Miserable Cutiejerk the resident asexual asshole with an impossibly pretty face,
    • Border Racer the illegal immigrant that likes to push boundaries

    Preset Relationships:
    • Catty Gayby is bestfriends with PPGT
    • Jacked Feminist is the sibling of PPGT
    • Miserable Cutiejerk is best friends with Neurofanboy
    • Hopeless Dorkzilla is dating Prince Mushyface
    • Hopeless Dorkzilla and Border Racer are roommates
    • Cuddlepunk Lesbian is Prince Mushyface's Sister

    Each Roleplayer is suggested to take 2 characters, though one is okay if you aren't good with writing two characters at once. The stipulations being that a roleplayer may not use this metagame, and that you cannot control two characters with a preset relationship with each other nor can you have them start out with a prior relationship.

    This roleplay can either be small group with everyone owning two characters, or a larger group with some people owning only one character. Characters are not first come first serve, you must apply for a character with a completed character sheet. Be warned, if you are applying for two characters, they must both be approved or neither are approved.

    For one final in-game rule, relationships formed in the roleplay should not be conventionally straight. The purpose of this roleplay is to focus on the struggles of LGBT youth in a setting with little support, straight relationships may be allowed but they are NOT allowed to be conventional without permission, otherwise the purpose of the roleplay is defeated. If you do desire to try and form a conventionally straight relationship, you can apply for it with good reasoning for your characters actions. Note you'd only have to apply for trying, the character you may want a relationship with may not reciprocate the feelings.

    So.... anyone interested?

    Apparently this idea has incited some offense in some individuals do to the blatant "shittyness" of some of the ideas presented. Note this roleplay is meant to work such awkward ideas and if this makes you uncomfortable, please leave.
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  2. Oh my goodness, I love this.

    This is amazing.

    I'd like to reserve the Edgy Trashbin and the PPGT, with one question...

    What does 'Trashcan Tumblrqueen' mean? I have an idea, but I'd just like to make sure that I've got it in the bag. xP
  3. Trashcan Tumblrqueen translates to stereotypical white girl in a Starbucks blogging away on Tumblr.

    Edit: Also, I stated that there will be no reservations, it's application only.
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  4. Oop! Sorry, haha. I'll be ready to submit my two whenever the IC is up. (Presumably after others become interested?)

    Do you have a character sheet so I can start working on the two in advance?
  5. Not right now, but I'll get you one x3

    Yeah IC will go up if we get another person interested
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