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Rubai Miles

Hello fellow Role-players,

I am looking for some new partners to welcome me here on Iwaku. I have heard good things from a friend, she figured my level of role-play would be highly accepted here. So here's the deal I do have a few things that are a must have in any of my future partners.

  1. No god-modders
  2. I require at least three full bodied paragraphs that are filled with meat. To those who are taking that literally, it means please give me a lot of story. Give me something juicy to work with. I want the role-plays to continue for a long time and with that we need development.
  3. More plot than smut. When We get to the sex part I want full description but I don't want that to be the focus. I want build up, I want tear jerker moments, I want to be moved.
  4. You don't need to post every possible second, we all have lives. As long as you communicate with me I am fine if you do not then I will be forced to leave our role-play. If you have a vacation, a job, or school that's keeping you busy just let me know. I'm not demanding when it comes to amount of posts in a short time.
  5. Have fun and I want to be able to speak outside of role-plays I like to role-play with friends lets use this opportunity to do that.
So I do have some complete OC ideas and then I have some fandom preferences that if you would like to build an idea for please let me know.

OC ideas:

  • A woman finds herself wandering through a forest after she had just gone through a break up, mad and upset she begins to take her frustration out by screaming and ranting as she walked. Her ravings called the attention of a slumbering vampire (traditional Dracula style not Twilight. Never twilight. Hell even a Lestat I would love a Lestat type). The vampire hungry and annoyed by the interruption of his deep sleep waits for nightfall to follow the girl back to her home. As he does he discovers a world that has change entirely and a girl that not only was dark natured but seemed to love the beauty of the night and the creature's it hid. To tame his blood-lust for the girl he hunt's and instills himself into her life, like a moth to a flame? Will the two work or will it end in disaster?
  • A daughter separated from her family, sent to another world, and with no memory of her home lives life in a dull boring world. Where dreams never came true and pain was imminent. A man from her world ventures to find her and bring her back home, but due to a life of misery she doesn't know how to accept a world where dreams in fact could come to pass and desires were met. Will she be able to move on with her life and accept a joyful world or will she let her old life destroy her.
Fandom Pairings

Four /OC
Angel/OC (Buffy Vampire Slayer/Angel series)

Send me a pm if you are interested.
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