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  1. I have a couple Rp Ideas ^^ I would like to add romance FxM in it, I prefere to play the female since I am Terrible at playing Male chars. Here are My Ideas.

    Camp Midnight.
    Warm camp fire of the summer. Being sent to camp midnight is suppose to be fun, but turns into a living nightmare when one at a time students begin to die in each cabin. 20 people turn to 10. Each person proven innocent once they die, causing people turn on each other until one dies leaving more people to wonder who the killer is.

    Masquerade party Murder.
    The Bright day comes to a party celebrated for certain people. when the guest of honor comes, the party starts, with wine beverages and games. This party is well celebrated with masks, and mystery people. But when the guest of honor is found dead, People start to realize what is going on and panic. The outside is locked, leaving people stuck inside, without a cell phone signal.

    Arranged marriage
    (Name speaks for its self. Boy and girl are assigned a marriage agenst they're will. They have to learn to adapt to each other, and try to get to know each other, without causing more fights.)

    Typical High school Experience. (Basically all the Drama, Romance, Heartbreak, Parties, anger, sadness in one. Ideas could come up more and more :))

    Or we can do the simple pairings,

    Poor X rich

    PM Me if your intrested! :)
  2. If we aren't going mature, I'll snatch up the arranged marriage! ^^
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  3. Mature or not ^^. :) We got a rp although, keep arranged marriage in mind ^^
  4. I've rped arranged marriage before, but only once, so this will be fun to try out Yami! ^^ BTW our pm on is really fun too!
  5. It is fun :) I like them alot. And I like out rp too.
  6. So do you have a thread and story ready?
  7. You can start another pm and we can rp it on there, I just seem to like it more on PM's.
  8. KK can we still do ours?
  9. Yeah! :)
  10. I'm up for the camp midnight one
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  11. Alright.