RomanceRp Partner Needed

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  1. Im New to this site, But Rp all the time. I love rping, So i need a partner that can at least rp a guy, if you don't mind. I Love Mystery/Romance rps, And Have alot of Ideas in Mind.

    • Party Murder. We start out at a house party on a special occation. Its someones Birthday. Wine And cake sounds good. Until Blood sheds on the floor. The Host of the party is dead causing everyone to panic, and wonder who the murder is. The is not way out. The House seems to be blocked off at every exit. No Cell Connection. Just rain and thunder.

    • School Mystery. Detention, Detention for all that do one thing wrong. The one day they get to stay back 2 hours after school. For just a little fight in the hall way. Of course you have to join the group of people who got detention that day too. When the teacher leaves and doesn't come back, It makes people wonder what was going on. One by one each student begins to look for the teacher, to find him dead in the Office. They were locked in a school, No phone connection and a person loose who is the murder.

    • New partners, new case. The Bright new future in being perfect detectives. But this case is diffrent. This murder is a Special one, who leaves Notes before the person its Burtally killed one way or another. the Amount of hours they have left shows on the note, and one by one, the number decresses until it reaches zero. Blood splatered everywhere is more stressfull to know that you maybe the person next. You Must work with your partner to find this Mystrious murder. Who Is it? and How will you find It before it's to late?
    PM Me if You want to rp :) I don't bite.
  2. I love the third idea. I would be really interested in role playing with you
  3. Okay Awesome :) I'll PM You and we can go on from there ^^