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  1. Luna glanced around the cool night air. Not a silhouette. Not a sound. She slumped against the wire fence criss-crossing around her house and pulled out a pulsing orb filled with speeding light zooming around inside the prison. A sudden crack make her turn around sharply, Hiding the orb, she glares at you.
  2. Standing a few feet away Kazu gazes at the woman , He begins to look around as if he was confused . "is this your house" Not knowing what else to say he started with that.

    OOC: forgive me if i am intruding but im new to the site and decided to make an attempt at RPing
  3. Break watched the two from the safety of the roof. He loved this life. Why was he here again?

    "Break!" his siblings called out quietly to him from the outside. Oh, right, he was...nope, he lost it.

    Kat looks like she wants to come up as Raven comes scrambling. "Why..." A finger of Break's touches her lips silently.

    Lila looked like she wants to have the ground swallow her. Wolver is the opposite.

    "Is it..." Raven began.
    "No," Break whispered, "Just watch."
  4. "Of course it is. Is it not obvious?" I say, tucking my orb neatly into my sleeve
  5. Kazu steps closer towards the fence that separated the two of them. " forgive me that was a stupid question, i did not mean to upset you" He pulls the hood from his head , " what is that orb you carry" He noticed it when she fist pulled it out.
  6. Break didn't move as he saw them talk. Raven began sliding herself down the roof, "Isn't this fun, Break?" she whispered excitedly before falling.

    Break grabbed her quietly, but revealed his position.

    Lila has a heart attack. Not literally, but she's not healthily happy.
    Wolver is cheering and whooping because he thinks Break is dead and then he can have Break's bedroom.
    Kat quietly watches, before trying to pull herself up there with no hands, which ends up being really hard so Wolver has to take her up.
  7. "This orb is none of your business" Stands up and stalks inside the large house
  8. Peers through the wooden Venetian blinds strung up against my window. I squint and flick off the Japanese lanterns around my room, the dimness makes you both clearly visible to me. I gaze upwards at Breaks silhouette on top of the crummy tin roof. "What a weirdo" I mutter to myself, I had only been living in Limerick for a month but I knew most secrets. As your normal weirdo would.
  9. Kat eventually gets up. "Oh. You're alive," Wolver said. Break scowled. "WHY IS SHE UP HERE? What if she falls?" He freaked out at Kat, Raven laughing.

    "Get down," Lila replied sternly.

    "Ok," Break replied, jumping down behind Kazu.
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  10. Giggles as she sees Break shephered down from the roof. Closing the blinds I fall into bed and fall asleep.
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  11. Still standing out side Kai was stuck with an what face. "..........wh" He watches as the girl leaves into her house . " wait i was just !" He turns around and face palms his face " geez what is her problem?" He mutters to him while he pulls out his phone and call some one. "hello" ............" i cant do it" ........"no i just cant" ....."ahhhhhh!! FINE" Kai whips his phone into the air and and sighs. " lets try this again" Kai turns around with a determined look on his face and begins to climb the fence into the estate. and heads towards the front of the door and begins to knock.
  12. "Invisible much," Raven laughed down and grinned at Break.

    "Um. Hello," Break tapped Kai on the shoulder. "What's wrong?"
  13. " ahhhh" Kai slammed his back into the door , He did not expect some one to be behind him " who are you?"
  14. "Break. Wolver's up there with Kat and Raven. being a spoilsport...who are you?!" Break suddenly looked angry that he was trying to help.

    "HEY! BREAK! I'M GOING TO BREAK YOU!" Raven yelled down, sticking her tongue out, "See what I did there?" She laughed.
    "I'm sure this game of spies is out of control," Wolver muttered.
    "Quiet," Kat whispered.
  15. Confused by the people yelling on the roof Kai gives Break a confused look, He attempts to slowly creep away while Break was distracted with the others on the roof. Think to his self ~ these guy's are nuts"
  16. "Break. Get them down," Lila eventually yelled from the sidewalk. Kat frowned but let Wolver grab her and jump onto the gate with his little gymnastics talent from who knows where from, and then slide down, Raven following.

    Break realised that Kai was gone and rolled his eyes, before sitting down. "Well. Tea isn't for, what, two hours? So what'd we do?"
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