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I want to have a PRIVATE romance roleplay. It can be M+F or M+M or F+F or it can have all three in it. Thank you for looking. :)
I'd like F+F, or M+F., this person doesn't like it
Ok i will message you

EDIT: Do you guys want to do GROUP or ONExONE??
I would love to do a romance, doesn't matter what gender they are :) can do whichever you want to :9
I prefer F+F more than anything for a romance roleplay. I've been in a lot of M+F ones so those are getting old for me...but I'll still do it.
Oske i wil make one and i will invite you guys to it if its ok it will be a group one with F+F
Is someone in particular already assigned to Zetta?
Just wondering. n.n
I will jump in today.~
No i was just making that up you can use it if you want
I wanna do loads of rp's will PM all of yu's.... cept Zalia+ Redblood as contactcing them already...
I have the character idea in my head, but I just can't get her out of there. So I'll be late in posting :/