Romance yet Lust filled roleplay? (Seeking F)

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  1. Anyone in the mood for a role play about a relationship that's 50% Romance and 50% sexual? It could start off with the new girl in class, and then the friendship that forms turns into a sexual and romantic relationship?
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  2. Id love to do it ^^
  3. PM me and we can work it all out? C:
  4. Feel free to send me a PM either with questions, or just a general hello, or even a starter if you want to jump into it.
  5. I'd love to rp it with you if you're still looking :)
  6. im always willing! just shoot me a pm!
  7. Does that mean you want to do it, or?
  8. I really like the idea, but I didn't know if you had already found someone already. :)
  9. I'm always willing to go with another partner!
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  10. Oh fersure! So.. The same plot or ?
  11. We can do the same plot, or if you have another idea lemme know.
  12. Okay, the same plot sounds fine. :)
  13. Alright! PM me with a starter, or any further questions if you'd like!
  14. Okay, I'm getting started ;)
  15. ... Room for one more?~
  16. Still looking?
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