Romance with a blind girl. (M looking for F)

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Hi everyone!!!

So I had this dream a few nights ago about being at university. There was a new girl, who was blind and I helped her with everything, like finding the right rooms and stuff. I don't really know really much about it anymore, but I have to compliment my subconciousness on it's roleplay Ideas. So here are the obligatory things:

-I'm from germany, so don't hate me if I make a few mistakes. Also mind the timedifference.
-Answers can be 2-3 paragraphs or maybe more, depending on how long I take to answer, but I try to write a post at least every 2 days.
-Any preferances and detailes can be discussed.
-I usually don't care about my partners gender, but for this one I think I prefer female.
-I try to be as enthusiastic as possible and make this roleplay exciting and would love to see the same from you.

I have nothing like an intro or so written down, but here is what I expect from the roleplay. My plan was it to already be in a relationship but because I'm always such a nice guy I offered to help the new girl that's going to arrive in a few days getting used to everything and showing her around. What I didn't know is how beautiful she was and her angelic voice, looks and scent make me completely fall in love with her, forgetting everything about my girlfriend.
And from there on everything develops etc. etc.

If somebody is interested in playing this with me, just reply or send me a message. I already have two roleplaypartners at the moment, so I don't think I can handle more than one other roleplay for now.


Since we originally had a PM going for something, if you had not found a partner for this, I was curious if we could maybe do this one?

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I really enjoy romance in my roleplays; however, I do prefer to work up to it using suspense, tragedy, and mystery. The majority of my roleplays also dive into the libertine section, though I don't prefer this to be the main genre or focus.
This is totally up my alley. I'm patient with ESL roleplayers, write 2-3 paragraphs minimum for my roleplays, and am quite active. :) PM me if you'd like to roleplay. I have some ideas that might fit in, but we can chat about it!
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