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  1. These will all be potentially mature, so only join if your okay with that :)
    I'm a very quick poster, and although I'm new to the site, I'm not new to rp'ing. I may just need your help figuring out where to post and such.

    These are the films I'd love to Rp :)

    Django Unchained- Dr King/OC girl (so desperate to do this! I will LOVE you , and forever be in your debt!)
    BBC Sherlock- Sherlock/John, Sherlock/Molly, Sherlock OC
    Series of unfortunate events- Klaus/OC
    RDJ Sherlock- Sherlock/John, Sherlock/Irene
    Now You See Me- Daniel Atlas/OC
    Jumper- Griffin/OC
    Holes- Zigzag/OC
    Cirque Du Freak- Evra/OC
    Jack The Giant Slayer- Elmont/OC
    Batman (the Dark Knight)- John Blake/OC

    And more :) though I'm really dying to do the first one.
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  2. Did you have anything in particular/any preferences for the Jumper pairing?
  3. I would much rather be the OC :) It's a relationship already established before the Rp, though we Rp during the film. She's romantically involved with Griffin, and discourages him in acting in horrible ways. Of course, he always does. I was also thinking of perhaps making it so they had a young son. If they did, it would be something the paladins could take advantage of, and it would be pretty cute :)

    DiscoPunkOnJolt: Sorry, I'm not too familiar with Vampire Diaries.
  4. I have no problem playing Griffin, he was my favorite character. A son would definitely make it so our plot wouldn't run into a dead end, so I'm in full support of your ideas thus far.
  5. Awesome :) My character would be quite supportive in helping David, and although her kind nature would clash with Griffin's, she is rather stubborn and headstrong. Apart from that though, I tend to wing my rp's, and allow ideas to come naturally. Though if we stick to the film plot, I don't think we'll run out of plot easily.
  6. Winging it is fine by me. :) If you'd like to start a post then, we can go from there?
  7. Awesome :)
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