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    I would like to do a romance RP, but of course i need a partner. Lol :)

    A few things about me:
    •I am a bisexual female.
    •I am on Iwaku a lot.
    •I'm logged on a lot of the time, but that doesn't always mean I'm on necessarily.
    •I'm on the Central Time Zone, i live in the US.
    •I can play both male and female rolls.
    •I can do fxf, mxf, mxm and furry.

    Idk if that helps u any but i just decided to put it.

    What I'm looking for:
    •An active RPer.
    *Preferably on at 'LEAST' once or twice a day.
    •A long term player.
    *Not someone who's gonna abandon me, cuz that sucks! If u end up having too, for a good reason it's ok. And let me know if your not going to be on for a while
    •Good grammar and vocabulary.
    *You don't have to be a genius at it, but i need to know at least what your saying, and id like a little variety in vocabulary.

    A few ideas i have:

    {•Fantasy romance•}
    *Werewolf ~ werewolf x werewolf, werewolf x human, werewolf x vampire.
    *Vampire ~ vampire x human, vampire x werewolf,

    {•Medieval Romance•}
    *royal x knight
    *royal x slave
    *royal x commoner

    {•High school•}
    *Emo x popular
    *Emo x emo
    *Emo x popular enemies. [popular makes fun of, and gives the emo a harder time. The emo likes the popular but the prep torments the emo. Something happens, the prep apologizes or the emo stands up to the prep, and they somehow become friends then lovers.]
    * 'loser' x popular
    * BFF x BFF
    *student x new student.

    *Kingdom Hearts. Love the organization XIII,
    *Soul Eater. I love SoulxKid. KidxCrona
    *Final Fantasy. Sephirothx____, Vincent Valentinex____
    *Adventure Time. Yeah, think me weird or not. MarcelinexPrincess Bubblegum is my favorite. [ ]
    I'll do pairings with the show/games' characters (ex. Soulxkid) and i'll do pairings with one of the shows char and my partners OC or vice versa. (Ex. SoulxOC).

    *slavexmaster (i prefer playing slave)
    *drunk at bar

    I'll do one shots.

    My favorite is Emo x _____(any) [i play to Emo], Marceline x Princess Bubblegum, then vampire x human.

    The RP's I'm mostly looking for are:
    •Marceline x PB or Marceline x Marshall Lee

    They can be f x f, f x m, m x m. I do furry
    Message me for more details or tips, any ideas let me know!

    ~My OC's~
    These are my commonly used OC's. I can make up an OC to go with an rp if needed. One doesn't have a pic though.

    Name: Jade Marie Rey
    Hair: Black emo cut hair, a little below shoulder blades, purple streak in her bangs that cover her right eye.
    Eyes: Grey-blue
    Age: 17

    Name: Daemon (Demon) Terra
    [usually used in medieval fantasy romance rp. Is a vampire-demon hybrid knight. Can change species if needed]

    Name: Akira Nickname: Kii (key)
    Species: Werewolf, wolf.
    Notes: Usually stays in wolf form. Is an alpha. About 5ft 2in in human form.

    Name: Trey.
    Age: 20
    Species: Werewolf. Alpha.

    Name: Sam
    Age: 18
    Species: Werewolf.

    Name: Cera Lee.
    Age: Unknown.
    Species: Vampire.

    Name: Luke
    Age: 18
    Fur: Dark grey
    Eyes: Bright green.

    [Sry for black and white]
    Name: Jaxon Nickname: Jax
    Eyes: Bright green.
    Hair: Has green streaks that match his eyes.

    Name: Leon James.
    Age: 18

    Name: Sai Emrah (pronounced Sigh)
    Age: 16
    Emo OC

    When you ask to RP with me, please make sure to put:
    1. The rp(s) you want to do.
    2. What role you will play. For ex, if you choose a vampire x human rp, will you be the human or vampire?
    3. Will it be Fxf, Fxm, Mxm? Will it be a furry? And what gender you will play.
    4.Will it be mature or not? Will you be the more dominant, or submissive, or both?
    5.Whether it will be in PM or Thread, and if you will start it or I will in thread. If you start it please send me the link.
    6. Plot ideas, things to add. Some of your ideas. I'll add mine

    You don't have to list all of those if your unsure what you want, but at least try to list some, it helps to start the rp faster. :)
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  2. Ooooh! I like vampirexhuman, bffxbff, and studentxnew student. I play as females. Would you like to rp?
  3. Ok will it be FxF or FxM? :)
  4. It doesn't matter ^^ I'm comfortable with both.
  5. i'll pm u so we can discuss details :)
  6. I am open to most fantasy romances, am in love with Medieval romances, and don't really mind high school either. I suppose i should say now that I usually play females because I am not so good at being a male...Along with that, I only really do Fxm, and not mature. Sorry :/

    Personally in a wereXhuman or vampXhuman I wouldn't mind being the human. In medieval I like being a female knight or assassin (I like assassins ^^) or thief. Being royalty is fine to though, I have no qualms about it. ^^ For highschool I like bffxbff, emoxpopular, and emoxemo. For emoxpopular I would like to play the popular.

    I like doing thread rps but then again I have never actually done PM rps. I hate to be a bother but I don't generally enjoy starting the threads. :/

    As far as plot ideas...
    Medieval: Some type of combat that effects the two involved in a great way.
    Fantasy: Drama. I can't really go in depth because each pairing could have different problems.

    Some things about me:
    • On iwaku a lot...
    • Obsessed with Medieval era.
    • I am Pacific Time Zone
    • I am a video game nut...
  7. Ok. But I'm not the greatest at playing a royal though
  8. Ah no worries. I wouldn't mind playing the royal if you want to take on a different role.
  9. So, would you like to begin an rp wth me? :)
  10. Kk :)
    What pairing?
    What kind (fxf, fxm, mxm)?
    Will it be mature? (I can only go into Mature T right now, but only until July 1)
    Sry about all the questions.
  11. Hm...vampire human, fxm, and I don't actually do mature rps. And its fine, I don't mind the questions at all. ^^
  12. Oh oops didn't notice i was already talking to you about the rp XD hahaha sry stupid brain

    Can you start the rp? :)
  13. I would love to do a roleplay with you too. ( Too lazy to comment on your post on my profile because well... Because. )

    I would be interested in any of the high school ones except for the new kid one. I like any of the vampire ones, I am currently uninterested by werewolves but I might be persuaded. So mostly, I suggest you pick any out of those you want to do. I honestly really like the emo x popular one...

    I noticed you wanted to do a fxf so that's what I'll play!

    I could go either way with the mature roleplay. I can say that whether its sub or dominate depends on the character.

    I would like for it to be in the thread and if you could start it!

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  14. Yay! :D i LOVE the emoxpopular pairings too. I have my emo OC Jade Marie Rey. Then my newest OC, Sai : image.jpg

    Idc on Dom or sub, i usually play both, or sub.
  15. Alright! You wanna make the first post and then I reply with a bio and such?
  16. K. I'll do this rp in PM, bc i can only go into Mature T , but just until July 1.
  17. Well if you're under 18 I can't do a mature RP with you anyway... Least not till July 1st... We could fade to black for now.