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  1. Hello~ ^^ I am looking for a rp partner, who hopefully know what they are saying and doing, because I have been rping for about 2 years, but I am competely new here and I am so confused. QAQ So I kind of need a teacher xD I want to rp romance in a male x male relationship cause that's what I do best. ^^

    The plot and everything we discuss before starting, if you dont mind. :)
  2. *Slowly raises hand* I'd be interested in doing a MxM with you.
  3. Really? ^w^ yay~ Thank you ^^ So about a plot.... *thinks*
  4. Anything you're interested in when it comes to a plot?
  5. To me it doesn't really matter :)
  6. Plot doesn't matter, but does genre matter or no?
  7. Well not really, but I am not good with sci fi and horror ^^" That's about it, haha.
  8. Alright then, I'll send you a PM of a few plot ideas and we can work something from there.
  9. Hi, still need a rp partner? I am more then happy to play with you if you want to.

    (Though you have to excuse my spelling, I am dyslectic and have problem with the spelling. I do alright but tend to misspell at times.)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.