Romance roleplay

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Haiii Edwardo. Got plot ideas will post....
Well I PMed them you, are we doing the maid one?
yea :) unless you have a high school one
Errr.I don't really have a idea, well, this is rubbish but, A student falls in love for a teacher? Or vice versa?
hahaha that sounds dirty but it sounds good to me, so wich you want to go for then? the maid or the student one?
allright :) how do you want to start the plot
Ill be the teacher for ummmmmm what class hummmm
Maybe Class. Let's say english. Do yu have a character?
i can make one up(rough draft)
Darren johnson
27 years old
He loves younger people, Hes nice to his female students but a little rough with the male students. hes deadicated to teach his students and for them to pass.
Slender, a bit athletic, smart of coures, black hair and hazel eyes
My rough draft :

Kari Dubroskwi.
17 years old
She is smart and funny, captin of the cheer team and has very good lucks, a confident exterior though slightly low esteem.
Curvy, Brown hair, blue eyes.
Lets start to do other other characters for the story
want me to do the male students?