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LιттƖє Mιѕѕ ƜσηɗєяƖαηd

Hello! If you're interested, drop me a private message!
-I am looking for a roleplay partner for a straight romance-based roleplay. I'm quite descriptive, and like to go into detail. I'd prefer someone to play the male.
-Regarding plots/storylines, I am open to ideas. I have no set plot or storyline, as it will depend on what you're interested in! I like to do realistic, to supernatural, to almost anything you can think of. This includes the characters.
-Things I am not comfortable with can vary. But I will do almost anything, excluding apocalypse plots and alternate society plots.
-Ideally, I'd like a teen member. As I don't have to worry about limitations. That is why I tagged "Teenagers".
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