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  1. Hello, Wizardess here! I am craving some roleplays! However, before I give you my plots, I must let you know my requirements! Yes, I do have rules. You can roll your eyes if you want to, however, I feel I must let you know what I'm expecting of you and what you can expect from me!

    Requirements From You

    1. 2 to 3 paragraph posts please. One liners are a big "NO". It doesn't give me enough to respond on.

    2. Reply at least once a day. You can't be so busy that you can't reply at least once a day. If you are that busy, then being on here probably isn't a good idea.

    3. If you aren't ok with Romance, then don't even ask me to roleplay with you. I usually prefer romance in all my Roleplays.

    4. Must be an intermediate writer. I can understand a grammar and punctuation issue every once in a while, however, if it is a regular thing for you, I'm sorry, I just cannot roleplay with you. Call me nitpicky, call me whatever you wish to, however, grammar and punctuation matter to me.

    What I Promise to Give you In Return

    1. I will always post at least 2 to 3 paragraphs. Even if I'm on my phone.

    2. I will always reply at least once a day. I usually respond every time I get a response, unless I'm at work or at School.

    3. Romance will be kept to Kissing, Hugging, and Cuddling. Smut is only on occasion and if the scene permits it. If there is going to be any kind of smut, please let me know your interested so our thread can go in the right forum.

    4. I will do my best to keep my grammar and punctuation spot on. However, I am human and screw up sometimes. Especially if I'm on my phone. My phone likes to switch words and misplace punctuation sometimes. Not all the time, but if I write a long post and post something unlike me, know that I was most likely on my phone. I don't like responding on my phone, but I will to keep my promise. So I will definitely forgive grammar and punctuation screw ups every now and then from you if you can do the same for me.



    - Ouran High School Host Club - OCxCanon or OCxOC
    - Seraph of the End - OCxCanon or OCxOC
    -Howl's Moving Castle (Book or Movie version is fine. I would like to explore a new plot with this one if your willing to play it. However, I would like to be Howl as I am more comfortable playing male characters)
    -Black Butler - OCxOC
    - Pokemon - God Modding is annoying and I will not tolerate it.

    - Tokyo Ghoul - OCxOC or OCxCanon
    - Sword Art Online - OCxOC
    -Bungo Stray Dogs * - I really want to roleplay this anime! Please hit me up if you know it! I would like to do OCxCanon on this one.

    (Original Plots)

    Plot 1 - The Circus is in town and the main attraction is people who can shift into animals. The Ringleader is a cruel man/woman who is cruel and mean to her shifters. One of the circus goers happens to find out about the abuse one night as one of the shifters is found talking to this circus goer without permission. From that point on, the circus goer tries their best to rally the other shifters to free themselves. As they work together to stop this abuse, the circus goer starts to fall for the shifter they originally started talking to, making their determination to help each other stronger. Will this abuse stop or will the shifters be killed for their rebellion?

    Plot 2

    A vacation, meant to be a weekend of fun, turns into horror as their plane crashes, mid flight, and they wash up on a land unknown to them. They are the only two survivors and they couldn't be more at odds with each other. They must learn to survive in this land they don't know, together, or be eaten by the wildlife and people there that aren't so keen on visitors.

    These are the only plot ideas I have time to write down now. I will write down more, later. Please let me know if your interested in any of the fandoms or any of the plots. I have characters I use too. I will show them to you if you are interested in any of these plots. Thanks for taking the time to read this! Hope to hear from you soon! I can respond via PM or on this thread!
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  2. I'm interested in doing Tokyo ghoul ocxoc
  3. Interested in Ouran, canon x oc, if you double.
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