Romance Role play partner wanted (female)

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  1. As the title can tell you, i am looking for a female that would like to do any kind of romance role play, it can be any topic you want. If you are interested please post here or message me in a conversation. Thank you!

    ~ James Shadow
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  2. Hey I'd like to Roleplay with you
  3. welcome welcome! please, let's talk about the details! :)
  4. Well what did you have in mind. I like when it's a bad boy or really nerdy but I'm really open to anything
  5. How are you with supernatural creatures? ( demons and ect. lol i thought id explain because of your gif there ) we could do a high school romance where there are two immortals together,
  6. True or we could do human and supernatural being. I like the Idea of Demons and Humans
  7. I like your thinking, that does sound really good! What plots do you have in mind?
  8. I do like the high school idea other than that I can't think of anything. I have to go so if you send me a private message I'll get to it in the morning
  9. I can write that. But I don't come on much.
  10. oh its fine! -smiles-
  11. -smiles- so what do you think about the idea?
  12. im sorry, what was the idea again? i cant find it. was it a high school thing?
  13. Yes, would the male or female be the demon?
  14. hmm, it depends on what you feel more comfortable being
  15. Hi there,

    I'm looking for new writers...and stuff... Seems like it's not my lucky today. Or any day for that matter. But it also does not matter. Since you're saying you're craving any kind of romance RP maybe we could plot something together?

    Let me know!
    Nighthawk =)
  16. @Meggie send me a convo so we can continue

    @Nighthawk i would love to role play with you, please do the same as meggie there
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