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  1. Hey guys, I'm dying to do a specific plot that's been in mind for quite some time. But first, let my tell you a little about me and what I expect.

    • My reply lengths vary (anywhere from 5 sentences to 5 paragraphs) depending on my partner. While I hope you can give me a lot to work with, I am not seeking novels. I value quality over quantity so I'd take a good, interested 5 sentences over a repetitive 3 paragraph reply with little to no content any day.
    • Grammar is important. I know everyone else makes typos, but please don't pile on the run-on sentences and misspell every other word. That really puts me off, no matter how interesting the plot is.
    • My reply times have been kind of crazy lately. Sometimes I'll post twice a week, other times I'll post twice a day. But I think next month my schedule will clear up a lot so I hope to get back to replying more often. Please be patient with me.
    • I'm really excited for this plot and I'm looking for a long-term role-player. Please only comment below if you know you can stick with this plot. If you get bored or is you don't like where the story is headed, message me and we'll work on the plot together.
    • I only roleplay in the forums. I like to save PM's for OOC

    For more, check my roleplay resume..


    Alright, not that all of that is out of the way, let's get to the plot! It's more of a general idea rather than a set-in-stone plot so I hope we can work together on developing it.
    (MC=my character, YC=your character)

    MC works at a strip club (I'm thinking because of rough family/financial background). She's become a pro at attracting men, flirting, and satisfying her customers. But YC is different from other customers. You treat her like a respectable person and ask her things other than just the usual "take your clothes off," and MC is not used to that. From here many things could happen. Maybe YC is her childhood friend that she doesn't recognize, maybe he's spying on her to reveal a family secret.. Whatever the case is, he eventually teaches her the concept of "love." (This plot will include a lot of fluff)

    Comment below if you're interested :)
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  2. Anyone?
  3. I'd like to tackle this plot with ya if you haven't found a partner for it yet
  4. Still looking?