Romance Partner Requests (still looking)

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    General Information:

    About me:

    - I prefer FXM
    - I prefer playing the female as my main character; however, I can do either gender as secondary characters.
    - Thread or PM is fine with me.
    - I’m quite laid back when it comes to rping.
    - I only use anime pictures or written description for looks though what my partner wants to use does not matter to me.

    To potential partners:

    - I’m not particular on spelling and grammar as long as I can read it. I’m not always the best at grammar myself.
    - Length isn’t important to me whether short or long as long as I have something to work with which I can do pretty easily.
    - I like working together to create the rp, both coming up with ideas for it.
    -Please try not to disappear, I’d rather have you tell me you don’t want or can’t do the rp.
    -Try to be an active poster as best as you can (that doesn’t mean everyday if you can’t), though I understand life and schedules and know it can be hard sometimes.


    Basic Plots:

    Bold: Roles I want to play
    Crossed out: taken

    - A bet that brings an unlikely couple together
    - The girl and the guy who’s always picking on her.
    - JockXPunk

    PM or post here if you are interested!
    ~All My Love,

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