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  1. Hello! I am looking for a partner to do romance rps with!
    I am new to this website (joined a few days ago) but have been role playing for a few years.

    In my rps I only write in past tense and third person. I don't mind playing guys, but would LOVE to play a girl as it has been a while. I recently finished a role play I loved where I played a guy and a girl, and my partner the same.

    I am all for sexual scenes, and don't mind being explicit. However, I have never done a homosexual romance rp and feel slightly uncomfortable doing that, so....
    Strictly no incest. Sorry.
    I mainly play humans, but have played characters like warlocks, vampires, etcetera.
    I'm not a huge fan of when people use multicoloured text, but as long as the colours aren't really dark it's fine.

    I am almost always online, except during school. In the day I will be gone from 8.30 to about 4, then 4.30 to about 7, and then I completely log off at 9.30 (UK time) .
    I have pets and responsibilities so they sometimes keep me away.
    But don't worry, I am completely addicted to rping and it is somewhat of an obsession for me.

    I already have an idea for a romance role play so PM me if you're interested!
  2. Hello! I just wanted to jump on and bump your thread up. I'm all for romances, however I epically fail when it comes to playing men. I mean, honestly. 100% suck at it. HOWEVER, I wanted to say hello! ^^
  3. Hi! ^^
    Why do you suck at playing men? XD I have a partner who says she can't play men but her male characters are the sweetest things ever :3
  4. I have no idea. Lol. I've tried playing them multiple times, and every single time, I create these awesome dudes only to realize how truly boring they are. And then roleplays die and I'm left to blame. *le sigh*

  5. Well that sucks! XD
    I just did a quick scan of your profile because I like to stalk people and I am very interested in the idea you had for the Angel Princess and Demon Prince. Sounds good!
  6. Really? Lol. I generally stalk people as well. Ha.
    That's an idea I came up with... I don't know... years ago. But if you'd like to do it, we can definitely start it up! I'm new (as stated earlier,) so I'm not sure how this site works. Ha
  7. I only joined a few days ago, alongside my long-time roleplay partner because our old site got shut down.
    So far we have simply been using the Libertine T section and just creating a thread. No one else has really commented on them and if they do we plan to ignore them xD.
  8. Ah, well that works! I'm from gaia. That site went downhill. But I had been a member since it started, so it was inevitable.
  9. So shall I create the thread? Or would you like to?
  10. Unfortunately it doesn't seem like I can click on the Libertine (T) section. I'm guessing because it's my age? Although I can't imagine getting crazy detailed. If you'd like, we can use the 1x1 page?
  11. May I ask your age? I'm 14, 15 in March.

    And sure :)
  12. I feel so old. Ha. I'm 22.
  13. XD I was afraid you'd be 12 or something! That's a weird relief. Yeah, the Libertine T is for ages 13-17 and Libertine A is ages 18+.

    So, I get that the princess is the prince's slave, but what kind of slave? He falls in love so I'm assuming it's not cooking and cleaning...
  14. Lol I'm not really sure. For amusement, I suppose. In one version of the story, the prince is a vampire and he uses her for meals, since angelic blood is supposed to be quite delectable to vampires. But she basically does anything he asks.
  15. Did you have any preferences for his personality? Or can I make him my own? Obviously because he's a dark prince he's not gonna be all-singing-all-dancing super amazing guy.
  16. Make him all your own. I generally can't play characters that have set personalities. It makes it quite difficult for me. Would you like to post first, or shall I? I'm creating the topic now.
  17. How do you want to start?
  18. Hmm.... I have an idea... shall I begin?
  19. Hmmm.. now I'm second guessing. Ha. Would you like me to start where he already has her, or where they meet for the first time?
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