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  1. Alright, So I've gotten a few ideas and I'm rather interested in playing them one on one style. I figured it would be rather fun to give them a try! Also, as I side note, I would like to play the female in all of these games if possible, though things can be worked out if they need to be.

    The Assistant:

    In a high end city, a rather successful company keeps running into some large issues. The Boss, a rather dedicated and firm man of decent age, keeps running through secretaries like tissues. Each one fired for the simplest things, such as giving him coffee that was too hot or forgetting to staple in the upper left corner like he preferred. It wasn't because he was picky, though that seemed to be the case, but each woman just did not seem to fit his standard of constantly working. Also, his constant firing was driving the employment department up the wall, they couldn't find people fast enough. In a desperate need to fill the gap, the decide to hire a very young girl, easily fresh out of college and petite as could be. Will this girl be fired like the rest? Or will she worm her way into The Boss's good graces?

    A Bride For A Barbarian:
    In a small village of growers and hunters, a young daughter to a Farmer and his wife is considered to be a prized maiden. Though she is not thin and elegant like the other girls, her skills as a cook and a cleaner are looked upon as the best. Besides, they always say marry a ugly woman, and you shall have a faithful bride. However, A Barbarian Lord, A rugged man with an army of thugs, tramples into town from his mighty fort in the cold mountains and demands his monthly payment for watching over the small town and preventing thieves from getting inside. The Farmer and his wife, sadly do not have enough money to make their payment, and risk losing their cattle and sheep, the only things they are able to make income outside of growing season. However, before any animals are taken, the daughter steps up, saying she will give herself up to complete the payment, offering her skills for him to use. Not caring much about how he got paid, he accepted the proposal and dragged the girl back to his fort without question. Now, she works for him and serves him properly, though he comments rudely upon her looks daily. However, will she unknowingly tame his wild heart? Or will the Barbarian take what he wants heartlessly like he has before?

    Sinfully Delightful:
    A Handsome man moves in next door to a young college student, instantly gathering her attention when he steps out of his classy jaguar. She wondered why such a wealthy executive man was moving into suburbia on his own, but what really caught her attention here the ram like horns coming from his head, and the whip like tail that flicked about behind him. It seemed that she was the only one who could see them. When the man realizes she can see what others can't, He decides to make sure the truth doesn't get out by offering her a deal she would be silly to refuse. In return for holding her tongue, he would be her's both in body and mind, a boy toy like no other. The stubby girl would be able to show him off as she saw fit and gloat to the very girls that once gloated at her. However, as time passes, feelings grown and soon it turns out that 'showing off' just wasn't enough...