Romance One x One? xD

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  1. I feel silly making this one of my first posts, but here goes. xD

    I've always wanted to rp a sassy romance story in a mafia-war setting between homeless troublemakers who meet on the street. The girl I have in mind is a more straight-laced character who sometimes takes things too seriously, and the man is someone who gives off a "cool-guy who doesn't give a crap" air but is actually quite strange and adventurous. I really hadn't thought of what would happen after they met exactly, except for maybe the man tries to get her to go adventuring with him, and she flatly refuses; but ends up getting dragged into whatever errands he has in mind anyways.

    It's a bit cliched with the whole strangers meet-love connection is made, but perhaps somebody would like to join me in writing up some mushy-gushy-ooey-goo?
  2. This sounds fantastic, but I only have the question about the time period
  3. Ooh! Thanks for the reply! I was thinking a futuristic-steampunk time period, but if you have any suggestions I'm all ears. (or.. eyes.. ._.) xD
  4. That's a new one!!! Lol! Do you know what kind of mafia you're interested in? (I just don't want a remake of the Godfather lolz). Steampunk mafia.... I like it! :)
  5. (The Godfather xDD) Hmm, I hadn't really thought of what kind, but.. maybe a mix of loansharking, blackmailing, and political corruption? ._.
    Role-wise, I wanted them to be controlling parts of the government as well as the justice system. (I haven't done too much research on mafias, so tell me if this sounds off o-o)
  6. Me likey!!! Sooooo....? The three big mafias I know about are Italian, Russian, and Irish.... But putting it into the future.... You could make it anything!
  7. (Oh! That's what you meant >_< Sorry) How about a British Crime 'Firm'? I feel like they'd fit in the best. Or if you wanted to make it something else, that's fine, too. :D
  8. Lol, I just don't know much about that one.... I'm sure I could do a hair of research and figure it out if that's your passion!
  9. Oh no, you don't have to do that if it's too bothersome! Truthfully, I'm not too keen on mafia knowledge altogether, so either way I'd be looking things up xD
    If you'd like to go with an Italian/Russian/Irish mafia (or anything else) instead, just say so!
  10. lol, why don't you make the decision and I'll make it match? :) I like a challenge!
  11. XDD Then let's just go with an Italian mafia~! (Ahh sorry for being fickle >< I read something that changed my mind)
  12. lol ok!!! Send me the link! :)