Romance of the Beasts (anyone want to RP with me?)

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  1. I' m in a mood to roleplay with creatures. Like vampires, Werewolves, etc. Kinda want it to be about a girl who is a werewolf and falls in love with a vampire, but she has no clue he's a vampire until he does something rash that reveals his true identity. What that rashness is, I will let whoever roleplays with me choose, but i'm in the mood to do that. Hmmm....Oh and it will be in a rural setting. Not to many buildings. She's a college student who stays at home while attending college. Her parents are werewolves too. Her parents have told her "If you ever fall for a vampire, there is no choice but to banish you from our family. We love you, so please try to avoid them..." She works as a mechanic at a nearby garage. She is a Jr Mechanic since she just started. She has a very bubbly personality, which leads some of her classmates to wonder if she really is a Mechanic at all. She drives around a '72 Volkswagen beetle that she restored herself. She loves it more than her own life. (Sad, I know xD ) But, yeah. There you go. A storyline. Just need a male counterpart who would be willing to play the part of this male vampire. His personality would be all up to you, but I want it to be a male vampire plz. Please reply if you are interested. Thanks!
  2. Hmm, I actually had a werewolf and vampire romance rp on my wish list to do at some point. Sounds pretty interesting but what length of post do you look for out of your partner?
  3. A paragraph is usually what I look for. IF you write more, than great! But a paragraph is usually what I'm looking for.
  4. Well then, count yourself a partner :) Hope you don't mind if I make the vampire character into a good boy rather than a bad boy.
  5. Do it! I'm just happy to have someone to RP with. Go ahead and start it and i'll reply to it tomorrow. I would start it, but I have to work all day today. But I can get to it as soon as tomorrow morning. Are you ok in starting it?