Romance of some sorts?

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  1. Hi there,

    I'm currently looking for a partner for a romance-type-roleplay.. I'm not fussy on type of setting/characters etc, but I like to keep a certain element of realism. I enjoy fantasy, modern, sci-fi, medieval. Anything really, but I try to keep away from the 'anime' and 'cutesy' type RP's, as I'm quite serious (don't let that fool you though, I love some good humour in my RP :'3). I like a lot of plot as well as my fair share of cute and smushy. Reasonable size posts around 2-3 paragraphs minimum. As well as that, I have to point out that I will try and post everyday but might take 2-3 days out due to real life commitments, but I never really 'abandon' a role play.

    If anybody is interested then inbox me? :)

    Thank you!

  2. I'm interested in working out some thoughts with you.

    I'm schedule works about the same way - I attempt to post once a day these days due to work - overload, but occasionally will have to venture away for a few days to deal with problems before returning. I will, at least, update my profile or PM you if matters become - hectic.

    I'm also in the same writing range as you; can deal with one paragraphs to a chapter-full, if needed. At this point, I'm seeking simpler RP with a nice plot and casual play that my schedule (and muse) can handle right now. I'm a plot bunny popper, so throw out a few ideas for me and I'll just write what pops into my head, send it to you, listen to you scream for mercy, then listen to you swoon happily at the wonderful full-circle that was born.

    I have a few ideas myself, mostly ideas that I had worked with someone here, but they just dove off the face of the earth - unfortunate, but understandable. Nevertheless, the plots that we've come up with are stuck deep in my soul and I'm determined to see them come to some sort of roleality. So, if you would like to read up on some of those ideas, I'll send you a link to my blog.

    Other than that, it will be great to work with someone new. Let me know!

    Edit: This might be something of interest...a plot with potential, just unfortunate to have only partial participation after a short while. See if it strikes your muse, or if it awakens a new thought.
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  3. Um... do you want me to post Dog Eat Dog information on here that we can use, and we just tear into the story how we want, or should I open up an OOC for it?

    And do you want templates, or we just put some info about our charries up in whatever fashion we like?
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