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  1. Name:Alex
    Appearance:5'7 with short spiked blonde hair, 180 pounds, & grey eyes.

    Alex had just arrived at Katakana private high school for gifted children. He had been place here because he had just moved into town because of this school that his parents had enrolled him in so as not to waste his "gift". He had not been told anything about the school except for where it was and how to get there. He felt kind of out of place as he was the only one out of uniform, or at least until he saw one girl who was also out of uniform. He assumed she was new as well." Excuse me?" He said to the girl "Did they tell you where the dorms were?"
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    Name: Leah
    Age: 16
    Apperance: 5'4 thin, blonde with deep blue eyes.

    Leah climbed out her father's black BMW and retieved her two suit cases from the trunk. She waved a short goodbye then set off towards the large rod iron gates before her. She couldn't understand why her parents were sending her here. Sure had been top of her class at her old school but why send her to a private school where she had no friends and hated the snobby attitude. She shook her head which made her long golden hair shake as well. She looked around for the dorms but did not dare open her mouth to ask for help. She didn't want to be here in the first place. so why would she ask? While looking off the right side of the gates she heard someone call to her. "Huh?" She saw a boy around her age walking to her. However he wasn't in a uniform. She assumed he was new as well, so why would he ask her. She was more lost than last year's easter eggs. "I don't know. My parents dropped me off and thats it." Leah couldn't help but stare into his grey eyes. They were beautiful and strangly intoxicating. "Maybe we should go to the main office and ask, or something." She said looking at what she believed was that building.
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    repost of this and could we make it femmeslash?
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    Do another one of this a roleplay a repost?