Romance in the Workplace

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  1. Evan sat in his cubicle, shuffling his papers around. Honestly, he was just fumbling around trying to find something to do. He had finished his assignment early and wasn't on break for another 45 minutes. He eventually just sat and clicked around his computer, finding old useless folders and deleting them. He sighed and checked his watch. " Hey time, you can go faster any time you please..." After the comment he continued on his computer.
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    Shannon stood from her desk and walked toward the lunch room where she grabbed a cold bottle of water from the shared fridge. She turned in her four inch black pumps to walk back to her small but comfortable cubical. On the way she noticed her coworker Evan looking beyond bored at his desk. She leaned in and said "Hey Evan, your break is soon right? Want to go out to lunch with me? I'm starving." She smiled and watched him.
  3. Evan looked up and saw Shannon standing at the entrance of his cubicle. He smiled at her pleasantly. "Ya, I get off in about 10 minutes." He was surprised at how quickly time flew by. He was even more surprised that Shannon was asking him to lunch. He did not question too much. " I'll come get you and we can go to that new diner that opened a few blocks down. My treat!" Evan had some money to spare due to a recent pay raise. It wasn't much by any means, but enough for him to offer lunch for two without hesitation.
  4. She was surprised that he offered to pay for hers but she wasn't one to complain. "Sounds great!" She turned and walked to her cubicle. She sat in her comfortable leather chair and began decluttering her desk. 'Evan's desk is always tidy. Why can't mine she thought to herself before letting her head flop down on the desk disgusted with her sloppiness.
  5. Once the time passed, Evan got up and walked over to Shannon's area. " Ready to go?" He said with a smile on his face and his jacket draped on his arm. Evan was always one to be happy no matter what. Happiness substituted most of his emotions. It was a gift and a curse for him. On the bright side, he kept himself happy and most people he knew were generally happy around him. On the flip side, he couldn't really express deeper emotions without trouble ensuing.
  6. She smiled back and stood grabbing her purse and slipping her jacket on. "I'm starving, I barely had breakfast. " She walked with him to the elevator. She snuck a quick glance at his face. He was quite handsome. Reaching in her bag she retrieved her soft gloves and slipped them on.
  7. They arrived at his car, sitting just outside the building and he opened the passenger door for Shannon, letting her get in, before walking over to the driver's side and getting in. " I heard the food at this place is amazing. But it just opened so who knows." Evan wasn't exactly the best conversationalist but he tried. He started the car and pulled onto the street, driving now towards the diner a few blocks away.
  8. Carefully stepping in his car she quickly appreciated how warm it was inside. "I hope iI can't remember the last restaurant that opened recently. " Smiling she watched the shops and restaurants pass by quietly.
  9. Evan smiled and then pulled into the diner's parking lot upon arrival. He got out and walked over to let Shannon out opening the door. Once she was out, he closed it and walked with her towards the front door. "Well, at least the place looks nice." Evan couldn't help but stare at Shannon. She was beautiful there was no doubt. He couldn't help but smile while she was around, more than he usually did.
  10. Walking beside Evan to the diner she couldn't help but smile. He was one of the few people at their office that she liked. Once inside they were given a Booth and menus. Shannon ordered a cup of hot chocolate as she didn't like coffee much. "Everything sounds yummy. I think I'm going to get the grilled chicken salad."
  11. "You can have whatever you want. Remember, it's my treat!." He smiled happily and ordered a soda. He tried his hardest to think of a conversation." So, uh, what do you think of that silly office party tomorrow?" Of course Evan didn't think it was silly. He was actually excited for whatever reason. It was just the kind of guy he was.
  12. She laughed softly. "I'm excited! Anytime I can do anything other than work, I'm up for it." She sipped her hot chocolate. "So what are you working on this.week?"
  13. " Boss man decided I should start working on a new logo for our company, and then the usual financial paperwork. Nothing to interesting, unless the logo seems interesting." He laughed a bit and then set the menu down. "That chicken breast and gravy is calling my name." For whatever reason, Evan felt weird after saying breast. Maybe it was true that guys can't take saying anything remotely sexual seriously. He blushed slightly and tapped the table a bit, to create some noise.
  14. She laughed softly. "We need a new one. The one we have currently looks like it was designed in 1920!" She paid no attention to his reference to the female body part. He looked nervous. 'He's really cute.' She thought brushing some loose hair behind her ear blushing.
  15. Evan laughed gently and noticed the waitress approaching. "I'll have the chicken br-breast." He made a weird expression and shook it off. "Oh boy..." Even thought, "Pull it together! This isn't high school man!"
  16. "I'll have the griled chicken salad, please." She smiled brightly and noticed Evan was flushed and acting strange. After thewaitress left she leaned across the table and pressed her hand against his cheek. "Evan are you feeling ok? You look like you have a fever." She retrieved her hand and sat sit watching him.
  17. Evan look surprised after he felt her touch. "Oh, ha, no I'm fine. Just a little tired from all the work. So, uhm, how is life? Did you move in to your new house yet?" Evan sighed in relief that he could escape that dreadful moments he had with himself. He felt immature, in front of a woman like Shannon.
  18. Shannon perked up at the topic of her new home. "Yes! I moved into a really nice apartment about a mile from work. It's really spacious and the closet? Ugh! I could fit my car inside!" She breamed. Her apartment had great views of the city from every window. "What about you? Do you live nearby?" Sipping her sweet drink she smiled and tried to hidethe fact that her stomach was growling loudly.
  19. "Hm, well I live close enough. I'm in the complex by that night club Chrome. It's a nice apartment complex and for how it looks you'd think it'd be more expensive. Not many people know about it. And if they do, they assume it's too much. I had the courage to ask for price. It payed off." Evan laughed a bit at the pun he made. More of his glorious immaturity. He thought to himself that he should start acting a bit more like an adult. For both their sakes.
  20. She laughed with him. "Now, that night club. What did you say its name was? I had no clue there were any clubs inthis area." She leaned forward resting her chest upon the table giving him a ncie 'view'. Letting her chin rest on her hand she paid close attention him.