Romance, Fighting, Suspense, and Happy Endings in the Land of Ooo

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  1. An exercise in writing and storytelling inspired by and set in the same world as the television series "Adventure Time", this roleplay is about two people, separated by a vast gulf of time, who send letters to each other via a transdimensional mailbox (or something), and learn to navigate life in the process. Think '"The Lakehouse" meets "Adventure Time" (particularly the episode "The Diary")', with bits of "The Diary of a Young Girl" splashed in.

    Posting Expectations:

    I'm easily turned off by bad grammar and spelling errors every, what, five words, so there's that. As for paragraph counts, it really depends, but I hate it when a forum roleplay contains more signatures to scroll through than content -- then again, since this roleplay is based mostly on letters, I don't suppose one-liners will be much of an issue. And for those official expectations, well, I don't really get that. How do you even define those?

    Content Ratings:

    Stylistically, this will be as whimsical and kid-friendly as the show, but with more adult words (as in, you have free reign to go crazy with the dictionary, not to drop f-bombs. Substitute expletives still, even for emotionally raw scenes, and gratuitous sex or gore scenes are out of the question). Thematically, though, this should start sweet and simple, then slowly descend into maturity and darkness, following the growth of the show.

    Other notes:

    Action described outside the letters will be minimal, at least for the first few arcs of the story, and the plots of the two characters' lives will be independent until things get real serious. The show's canon will be strictly followed, at least for the stories that happen contemporary to those of the seasons. For the contemporary character, his or her adventures will begin right around the start of the first season, while for the past character, his or her adventures will begin a couple of years or so before the Mushroom War.

    For the characters, I'm thinking a Candy Person (the contemporary character, obviously) and a Human (the past character), with the Candy Person having a pretty mundane life, and the Human having a lot of crazy (heavily romanticized) adventures in these modern times. But really, the contemporary character could be a different species entirely, as long as he or she can write, and he or she lives in Ooo -- I've a concrete idea only for the past character. No real limitations for gender and age.
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  2. Hello, there :D! I've never seen The Lakehouse, but I'm a big Adventure Time fan and I think this idea sounds wonderfully fresh. I've never tried anything like it in the past, but would love to give it a shot. Haha, an epistolary Adventure Time roleplay, that's something you don't see everyday xD!
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  3. Cool! We should start discussing plot stuff, if you want a go at this. Mostly stuff to start with, and bits of background for our characters -- flesh out the story with some classic winging later.
  4. Sure, I'll shoot you a PM with some questions later today ^^!
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