Romance Festival Closing Announcement!

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    Today, this last day of February and the very end of the Romance Festival, we give a huuuuge shout out to all of the totally cool peeps that've helped spread the joys of love and mushy stuff all across Iwaku. We hope that you've learned some things about developing romance and had a little bit of fun with plot bunnies. Maybe you have been lucky enough to come out of this month with some warm fuzzies instead of being groped in the back alleys of Iwaku.


    We learned a little bit about Intergrating Romance in to Roleplays.

    How you can create a subtle and well made character for a mature roleplay.

    The dos and don'ts about Flirtation!

    We had a Scavenger Hunt and a Sweetheart Contest! Congrats to all out winners!

    A little game review for your dirty eroge lovin' types!

    Malakyee gave a great Message of Love!

    I told the story of The Lady and the Troll!

    As well as posted my romance playlist perfect for mushy mushy moments!

    There were some GREAT romance themed challenges, including ones by Kitti, Cosmos, Angel Kate, Cammy, and so many more!

    The General Chatting Forum had plenty of great romance topics from the Polls of the Week, to Relationships and Roleplay, A Look in to Valentine's, or even epic vampire romance!

    Fantastic and fun chatrp events! Like the Mardi Gras Masquerade Esthalia's Club Fae, and miscellany events!

    And we cannot forget the slip in of romance to our roleplays. Be they private one on ones to the big and hoppin' group roleplays!

    This is, of course, just a taste of went on this month. We want to give a big huge and kiss to all the great members who helped spread a little love to Iwaku during this festival. <3